What is Fire Attenuation Screen?

Attenuation Screen

Now more than ever, it is necessary to take precautions against fire. A simple spark in wiring can set the whole building in flames. To combat such incidents, fire attenuation screens are introduced. The primary purpose is to prevent the transfer of fire and radiant heat from one place to another. If a residential or commercial property were to catch fire, and fire attenuation screens were in place, they would reduce the potential of significant fire damage.

Fire attenuation screens are designed to protect your home during a fire. These screens are installed to prevent the fire from coming into your home. They lessen the chances of heat or flames reaching you until the fire cools down. Professional installation is recommended, and homeowners should consider using them wherever possible. Commercial landlords should use these screens to protect their tenants and avoid potential injury should a fire break out. You can find Clearshield fire screens in Melbourne, or variations of them online at any fire safety website.

Here are Some Benefits of Fire Attenuation Screen:

  • A precautionary measure to protect yourself in case of any fire.
  • Do not allow flames or heat to enter your home or building.
  • Their ability to withstand the heat minimizes the risk of fatal injuries.
  • Fire attenuation screens are not very costly. They also allow more flexibility in building design.
  • You can either opt for any kind of mesh. Fire attenuation screens are tested and proved that they are more than capable of standing high heat levels.
  • Fire attenuation screens are highly durable. They can withstand harsh weather and are weatherproof. They are capable of withstanding wind speeds of 190km/hr.
  • Noise pollution is another problem in big cities. Fire attenuation screens reduce noise pollution by 50 percent.
  • Fire attenuation screens are lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, they are easy to install.
  • Fire attenuation screens protect against pests and insects.

Fire attenuation screens are made of a mesh of stainless steel and painted black to reduce the reflection and have a clearer view. The frame is coated with powder in a standard color that is made of aluminum. This is an engineered solution that is designed to provide safety!

More and more of the world is experiencing water droughts and increased global warming. As a result of these alone, natural fire hazards are at an all-time high. Countries like Australia have experienced disastrous wildfires, as have Arizona and California. Homeowners in these areas have been devastated by the damage caused by these fires, and while fire attenuation screens might not save the home, they may buy you enough time to get you and your family out safely. In addition to these screens, residential and commercial property owners should keep their yards free of debris and other flammable items that might fuel a wildfire. Having a fire extinguisher on-hand indoors and outdoors will also give you quick access to put out a local fire if one should erupt. Fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be present in the home on all levels if it is a multi-level home or commercial property.


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