Holiday is Over: Here’s How to Safely Store Your Décor

Here’s How to Safely Store Your Décor

After unwrapping all the gifts, drinking the eggnog, and eating the holiday feast, it’s official: the holidays are over. But, while Christmas comes to a close on Dec. 25, you have to admit that it takes you a little longer to take down your holiday décor—all that lights, villages, strings of tinsel, pine-scented candles, and that towering Christmas tree. 

Sure, the holidays are not the same without the magic that these decorations bring to life. But, as joyful as setting them up can be, it’s often filled with stress when it’s time to take them down and store them away. Between having too many decorations and figuring out how to pack them away, the fun starts to fade, replaced with the holiday stress that only piles on. 

Does taking down your holiday décor put you in distress? Don’t worry, these tips will help you safely store your décor and keep it ready for the next holiday! While at it, make sure to check this, too, for more storage ideas

When Should You Take Down Your Holiday Décor, Anyway? 

Opinions vary on when you should put up your holiday décor, and so does when you should put them away after the celebrations. But, while there is no consensus, what you should know is that they’re not intended for year-round use. For instance, you can only use holiday lights for three straight months, max. Otherwise, the cords can dry out and crack, increasing the risk of fires, electrocutions, and short circuits. Plus, using them more than what is recommended can void the warranty. 

The Best Holiday Decoration Storage Tips 

Every household has different sets of decorations that they bring out every Christmas. But, for this guide, we are focusing on the traditional items that you would find at pretty much every house over the season. 

  1. Artificial Trees. 

Artificial trees can last several years when properly cared for. Here, you would want to replace it in the box it came in and make sure to bundle up each branch and get the tree as straight as possible to avoid deformation. Store it in a cool, dry place—heat can cause your tree to become discolored or even warp. 

  1. Wreaths. 

Regardless if you have the artificial one or fragile wreaths of twigs and dried berries, you would want this holiday décor to stay fluffy and in shape for next year. Consider wrapping it loosely in plastic and hanging it on a peg or investing in hard containers that will allow you to stack them up with other decorations. 

  1. Lights and Garlands. 

These items can easily get tangled and almost impossible to use for another season if you haven’t taken the time to store them properly. For cheap storage hacks, you can easily wrap each of them around a thick piece of cardboard to make sure that the next time you will use them, they will unwind tangle-free. You can also use hooks if you have a safe place to keep them from the weather and temperature. 

  1. Ornaments.  

Snow globes, Christmas balls, and other delicate ornaments made from glass and ceramics need to be individually wrapped to keep them from breaking. Avoid using newspapers as wrappers, the print can be permanently transferred to them. Use tissue paper instead. 

  1. Wrapping Paper. 

A wrapping station is a good investment to keep your craft supplies—wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, etc. But, a dedicated container should work just fine. Here, you’d want to keep your holiday wrapping separate from what you regularly use throughout the year, so you don’t have to dig through them every time. 

  1. Christmas Villages.

 Like ornaments, Christmas villages tend to be quite fragile as well, with the majority of them being made of ceramic. Therefore, store them the way you would pack any other delicate item—individually wrapped and, if possible, in a storage box with a cover and separate containers. This way, you will not have to worry about them breaking during storage. 

  1. Seasonal Linens.

 Keep your holiday pillow covers, blankets, and tablecloths in airtight containers and store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in the attic or basement where they can be exposed to damaging factors such as extreme temperatures and moisture which could lead to mold and mildew growth. But, make sure to wash and dry them before storage. 


Setting up and taking out your decorations on time is just as important as making sure that you’re putting them away properly so it’s easier to take them out next year. Who would want to open a box of décor to discover a tangled mess of lights, broken ornaments, and trinkets that need a deep cleaning? 

In conclusion, proper storage of holiday decorations:

• Keep your Christmas tree and wreaths from deforming

• Prevent your lights and garlands from getting tangled 

• Keep your ornaments from breaking 

• Preserve your linens; and 

• Make sure that you can use your holiday decorations for many years. 

Keep these tips in mind to guide you every year on how to properly handle your holiday décor. Bookmarking this article will give you something to look back to, whenever you need a reminder on why you’re doing it in the first place. 

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