Cyber Threats to Kids – A Pressing Concern for Parents

Cyber Threats to Kids – A Pressing Concern for Parents

The use of the internet is becoming an increasing source of cyber bullying and cyber threats to the kids in this ever-changing world. The issue has come to rise after the Covid-19 breakout globally because the situation demanded of excessive use of the internet and digital networks even by the children.

The justified use of the internet by the kids has increased because the academic activities got virtual, the online classes and learning dynamics have come into practice, which called for the use of excessive internet by the kids. 

With this turnaround, certainly, the dynamics of criminal offenses on children have also changed. The child offenders now increasingly look to stalk and track the kids online and try to conceal their identity and their objectives to stalk the kids. 

The criminal activities like cyber predating, harassment, cyber bullying, phishing, and other cyber threats are more prone to hit the kids in the current rollout of activities in the pandemic. 

Moreover, the cyber offenders and criminals, in many cases, look to stalk the kids to gain illegitimate financial benefits; they seek to earn the benefit by identifying the financial credentials of their parents. 

The cyber criminals get the purpose done by pressing or pushing or blackmailing the child once they get into their lives and somehow manage to get their private information and secrets. So, the parents need to be proactive in regard to their child’s activities so that any potential damage can be coped with beforehand. 

For the above-mentioned purpose to accomplish, parents need to monitor and track each and every bit of communication that is performed by the child using the digital device i.e. cell phone or computer.

There is another side to the story as well; in some cases, kids indulge in inappropriate activities over the internet, the most common is online dating, which proves to be moral and ethical damage for the child in the long run, and sometimes kids indulge in drug addiction due to bad company, these issues are concerning for the health and moral training of the child and needed to be addressed. 

Additionally, the presence of inappropriate content over the World Wide Web is of concern for the parents as well, so for coping with all the above-mentioned issues, the parents look to keep a watch on their kids.

The said purpose can be effectively accomplished by incorporating an efficient spying service that can track all the activities of the child and clones every activity to the end-user’s online dashboard 

Statistics about Cyber Threats and their Impact on Children

  1. It is reported through the findings of the study that 47% of the kids and teens have received threatening and intimidating messages at some stage, which proves of the vulnerability of the kids to the external world through the internet. 
  2. The most revealing fact is that more than 68% of the kids experiencing mental health issues have reported that they have suffered cyber bullying and are the victims of cyber bullying in the last year or so.
  3. It is reported that 59% of US teens and kids have faced some form of cyber bullying and harassment and survived. 
  4. Social media is reported as one of the major sources of cyber bullying and harassment on kids, with Instagram leading the tally with 42%, followed by Facebook with 37%.  
  5. It is observed that girls are more prone to the threats of cyber bullying and cyber predating, with overall 40% getting harassed at some stage, while 28% of the boys face the same issue in the same age period. 
  6. More than half of the victims reported that they had got mental and physical health issues after being victimized and faced academics lows due to the situation.

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TheOneSpy Helps in Coping with Cyber Threats to Kids

As the parents look for an extensive solution to the discussed problem, we conducted comprehensive research which rolls out that TheOneSpy is currently the best parenting solution that helps parents monitoring the activities of their kids and taking precautionary measures so that kids may not face any lows socially, morally, and academically. 

Installation Guide 


The app records each and every bit of communication taking place through the mobile or computer and keep parents aware of their child’s real-time whereabouts so that the kids may remain intact from the threats of cyber bullying and other cyber breaches. 

TheOneSpy is compatible to be used and installed on all the current versions of Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows OS. 


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