Things to do for your loved ones when confessing your love

confessing your love

A big cheer to the coming year in advance. Wishing for a less surprising, more inspiring one than 2020 we hope of getting off the right foot here. Loves had little chance in 2020 with social distancing and all but let’s stands by 2021 and make it the year of happiness, sparkle and love. To confess your love in an honest way is an art and makes a girl or a boy change minds. Looking to get vocal about your feelings too there will be many opportunities but none better than let’s suppose Valentine’s Day. It’s like a universal day of love despite what people may say. That day you just know ‘love is in the air.’ 

Looking for valentine gifts online for each day in the week? Let’s begin; we have a lot to catch up with. 

  • Rose Day

The first day of this fabulous week, the rose day is a trendsetter not on social media but your real life. It describes how the rest of the week will turn out for you, and if the one you are deeply in love with reciprocates your love. Without a doubt, go for a bunch of red roses possibly in a box or mug instead of a vase or bouquet. Do things the latest way. 

  • Propose Day

A little early in the list but what’s coming next can’t go forward until you have your partner’s consent. Hence propose the love of your life with roses, greeting cards, balloons in a car, and soft music in the background. There aren’t many lucky people out there who get a week of commitment even at Valentine and girls especially crave for things like these. Your way is clear if you are willing to break the rules. 

  • Chocolate Day

Very simple, it needs no celebration, it’s chocolate day. But if you would just go with a chocolate nothing would stand out. Considering your partner has said yes to you just a day before you don’t want to lose their hope already. Hence go for a chocolate bouquet, or design a basket yourself with different kinds of your partners favourite chocolates. If willing to go the extra time, you can write little notes pasted on the chocolate wrapper too. 

  • Teddy Day

Can’t say the same for men but girls drool over teddy bears. It’s the one-stop solution to a girls heart no matter her age and likings. And if you have known her for a short while only, you can’t take chances with random gifts. Gift a nice cute white or brown teddy bear with fluffy hair and body, or if you wish to go extravagant, you can buy her the dream teddy- a life-sized one. No kidding women love their share of resides. 

  • Promise Day

Promise day is possibly the most special and least materialistic one. This day all you do is commit to each other of togetherness forever. Sharing inevitable love, doing what your partner expects. Confirm to your partner your honesty in this love, your dignity and your want to take a stand against anything that may try to disrupt your peace. 

  • Kiss Day

A little peck on the cheek as a promise of love till eternity is what this day describes. And trust us this is your first touch of love and the one you will never forget. You will forever remember the soft tender feeling, the nourishing touch and the tight hold. To make this day more special, you can write for your girl or guy a heartfelt greeting card that will woo them away. 

  • Hug Day

Tight hugs go a long way as do the conversations you do when you are in your cosy space. To these times of only love and no grudges speak to each other and make a vow to never fight on issues that don’t matter. Hugs are nothing but a promise of eternal love, make yours last longer and with no hidden surprises. 

  • Valentine’s Day

At last, the Valentine’s Day is here and is ready to fill your life with love forever. Happy 14th to you and your partner, we wish you luck. To make this day more special, you have to have some presents for your partner. Along this go on an official date as a confirmation of togetherness. 

It’s your day make it count with your beautiful better half. 

For the early birds eager to begin their love lives with their magic beans, you have come to the right place, and we hope you found what you were looking for. 


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