Wireless or Wired: Which is the Best Network for Your Home?


If you need to set up or upgrade your home network, you need to decide whether you are going wired or wireless. One set up is better than the other in a particular situation, and this article will help you decide what to choose. 

Remember that both of the connection types are reliable. Each of them has advantages for your Home Networking Setup, and both can be a good choice based on what is best for your home. Read on, and this will shed some light on choosing the right network setup. 

Wired Connection 

A wired connection can give you a fast and reliable internet connection each time you plug in your laptop or computer. To set it up, you need Ethernet cables that are connected to the modem. Moreover, you may use coaxial wires in your home for a stable connection. 

If you are going to use Ethernet cables, you need to connect one end to the Ethernet port of your computer or laptop, and the other end on a modem. On the other hand, coax wires need an adapter and have a different process from the Ethernet. You will have to use an adapter kit that will connect a router to a coax port. Hence, you can have internet connection in other parts of your home instead of having it only where an Ethernet cable is present. 

You should consider a wired connection if your online activities require a stable connection. For instance, if you are an online gamer; a wired connection is your best option. However, this does not mean that wireless is bad for gaming. If you are using different devices, then a wireless setup is a good choice. However, with a wireless connection, there’s a higher chance of disconnection and lags compared to a wired connection. 

Wireless Connection 

As mentioned, each type of connection has its advantages. A wireless connection is more convenient and common than a wired one. If you are using multiple devices, especially the handheld ones, the wireless is the best option. 

The wireless home network has an edge on: 

  • Multiple gadgets and devices that are needed to be connected to the internet. 
  • It allows you to move around with your device without disconnecting any cable. 
  • No messy wires around your home. 

Wireless connection through Wi-Fi lets you move around your home while using your device. Moreover, it also offers a reliable connection while keeping your house free of messy internet cables. However, it is not a perfect solution for networking at home. Many factors can obstruct the Wi-Fi connection. Thick walls and long distances may slow the connection or even disconnect your device from the internet. But there’s a way to fix it. 

Same as wired connection relying on adapters to have the devices in the other parts of your house connected to the internet, a wireless connection can use extenders, too. A network extender can extend the coverage of your router’s signal throughout your home. Moreover, the extender can boost your Wi-Fi performance as well, saving you from the hassle of wiring your home or replacing your router. 

Regardless of your choice, wired or wireless, you can have a fast and reliable internet connection all over your home. Opting a Home Networking Setup will let you play online games, check email, upload and download files, and stream your favourite music, videos, shows, and movies which means you’ll be connected to the internet. 

Having your entire home connected to the world wide web can be very daunting. Getting the help of a professional will let you set up an internet connection at home in no time. Moreover, they can help you decide what connection type you should use.


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