What Top Strategies Can You Use to Improve Your Website’s Design?


One of the common questions that our readers ask is what are the “top ways to improve your website design?” If you have ever wondered about it, make sure to read this article. The internet has been spreading across the world for the last three decades. It has shaped the global economy’s landscape by providing a parallel platform for everyone previously absent. 

It would be unfair to say that the internet is used for just communication. It went beyond the ”medium of communication” phase a long time ago. There are businesses worth millions of dollars that operate solely on it. If you live in 2020 and your company, store, or business don’t have a strong internet presence, you miss out on a huge opportunity to expand. 

You need to go past the traditional methods of marketing and public relations. The first step towards entering into a world wide web market is having a website for your business. Having an iconic website can strengthen your internet presence. It must have a design that will be captivating for the visitors. 

If you don’t have a functioning website or have one, but it hasn’t done any remarkable good to your business, need not worry about it. We are here to tell you the top ways to improve your website design that can give a huge boost and attract visitors. A web design company will advise you about the best ways to enhance your website design and attract more visitors. Dubai is the business capital of the UAE and a regional hub. Companies like https://www.altagency.co.uk/ from all over the region and some from other parts of the world see many opportunities in setting up their business here. 

Top Strategies for Enhancing Website Design

Do Not Copy, Please!

The first and basic step to follow while running a website is never to steal or copy someone else’s content. It’s called plagiarism, and it’s a harmful practice. From losing credibility to getting into legal trouble, it can be an expensive mistake. You don’t want to lose customers, do you? If you don’t want plagiarized content on your site or blog, use the best free plagiarism checker. If you use a good plagiarism checking tool, it will save you efforts. 

Readable Content

The content you post on the website should be free of grammar-errors, bland writing, and unoriginal ideas. More interesting, free of errors it is, more visitors will enjoy reading it. If a person can’t even scroll for a second, how will he consider doing business with you? Take your time to proofread the material before posting it.  

If you don’t have proficiency in grammar, use tools to check the mistakes. But don’t ignore it ever.

Be on Point!

Time is the most important asset we all have, and in 2020 where viral marketing and clickbait are common, you will have a hard time attracting customers to your site. It takes no more than ten seconds for the visitor to decide whether to stick any longer on the site or not. If your site’s content is not interesting, concise, and on-point, the readers will exit.

Make sure to use short paragraphs, images, and videos to convey the website’s exact message or purpose. They want to know what they are looking for on your website as quickly as possible. 

Human Touch – Blog

What human touch does a website need? A Blog! Frequently we forget that humans, not robots run businesses. The readers need something to connect with the people who make the product or run the business. 

You should have a blog page that keeps them updated with other exciting reads such as – the upcoming products, announcements, and projects currently under development. Sometimes post personal stuff like festival celebrations, birthdays, and anniversaries—post motivational stories and interviews with relevant people. 

Social Media Outreach

It would be best if you never underestimate the power of social media platforms. Millions of users are active on them. If your website isn’t leveraging it, a tremendous growth opportunity is being wasted. If you have followed the above steps, one more would be like a cherry on the cake. 

Make social media handles on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and keep it updated to maintain a social media presence with your existing and potential customers. Add direct links to your social media handles on the site. The icons of these sites should be present at the bottom as well as the top side. Adding a share button helps immensely. 

User-Friendly Interface

A clean, elegant, and interactive user-interface matters a lot. If your UI isn’t great, don’t expect excellent customer response. Make sure you change the UI as per your requirement. Put in efforts to make that customer will feel pleasure scrolling through it. 


Building a website that looks great, works seamlessly, and gives value is something that takes time. You must put effort and study what it is that you aim to achieve with it. Are you running a blog? Or an e-commerce store? The design that suits the purpose might not work for others. 

We hope that the suggestions we have made above help you improve the website design, eventually helping you attain the target. If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure to drop the comments below and share it with everyone. 


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