Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa offer scholarships

Mark Consuelos!

In the New York City; Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, both offered scholarships to 20 homeless students. According to the people magazine; “In the live with Kelly, Her husband and Ryan (The Host), they have paid money for laptops and scholarships to the most vulnerable 20 students, who are going to head towards the colleges now; and each scholarship costs around $2000.”

Married life of Mark Consuelos

In New York City, Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos, both made this scholarship by doing partnership with Win Foundation. They are providing safe housing and daily life necessary services to them to allow them get out from this homeless chain scenario.

There is a statement given by Kelly, in which she tried to say; she and her husband Mark is too happy now by helping the students. Even she said that, she will continue helping them in whatever way they both can. Initiating a college start up is a very necessary moment to be done. Even being a part of this amazing moment is a proud moment for a family. All the students who got the scholarship have a bright future ahead. Apart from this, she also said that, she is eagerly waiting for those students to achieve the brighter success of their life.

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The Win Foundation has provided housing to the students who got scholarships. All the students have attained the scholarships and laptops along with the housing property. Students now did not need to access over the computers, which usually been as a vital role to fulfill the remote learning amid. Even though, this is very helpful for the students during the corona virus pandemic.

Kelly said that, “we were watching our kids, with all of their technology, and Mark and I said, “Learning remotely is so difficult … how are they possibly doing this at Win?”

Even though, sure enough, the students did not have the WiFi, tablets, and other necessary things, which they need to study well.

Those students who are receiving scholarships are actually going to walk on a life-changing pathway. This is going to be the way to secure the bright and secured future of the students.


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