What Does Your Gemstone Engagement Ring Say About You?

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From celebrities like Penelope Cruz to Jessica Simpson, many have been spotted wearing engagement rings with gemstones. Of course, many prefer diamonds as well. When it comes to gemstones and diamonds, it is not just celebrities, but many women across the globe like to display that bling. Although many think that the white diamond is rare, it isn’t. The coloured gemstones are more uncommon than white diamonds. So, if your significant other has proposed a gemstone engagement ring to you, but you don’t know the meaning behind it, then you should take a quick look at the following descriptions of these engagement rings styled with gemstones.

1. Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring

Is your engagement ring styled with ruby? Did you know that Jessica Simpson dons a ruby engagement ring, too? Rubies come in a wide range of red hues. Rubies are truly red sapphires that symbolize passion, just like their colour. Rubies also represent love and boldness. Rubies are the birthstones for those who are born in July.

2. Blue Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring

This gemstone is the cousin of the ruby with subtle blue hues. The blue sapphires gained more popularity after the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Presently, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, possesses the blue sapphire engagement ring. They both selected blue sapphires over any other gemstones or diamonds. This regal gemstone has a significant meaning; it means that you will be loyal and honest. It symbolizes strength, innocence, and truth. The blue sapphire is a September birthstone.

3. Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring

Emeralds are a classic with green hues ranging from bluish-green to a light yellowish-green hue. Halle Berry’s engagement ring exhibits a stunning emerald with two diamonds at the side. If you have an emerald gemstone engagement ring, it symbolizes a successful and happy marriage. It also symbolizes positive energy, beauty, love, fidelity, intelligence, and improvement of memory. Emeralds are the birthstones of May.

4. Opal Gemstone Engagement Ring

Queen Victoria adored opals, which made these gemstones to be in vogue in the past. Cleopatra and Empress Josephine are among others who were fond of the opal gemstone. Opals are the October birthstones and represent desire, love, passion, and loyalty. If you have an opal engagement ring, then you must also be confident and creative.

5. Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pink sapphires come in a wide range of colours, starting from light pink to dark pink. Some sapphires also come in hues of purplish-pink and orangey-pink. Did you know that many people of different cultures believe that pink sapphires have an enormous power? This gemstone is suitable for a feminine bride who dreams of romance and true love like fairy tales. If you dote on your pink sapphire engagement ring, then it means that you are trustworthy, sincere, kind, and thoughtful to others. Also, there is a notion that pink sapphires carry good fortune.

6. Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Blue topaz is the birthstone for those who are born in December. The blue topaz is believed to be a powerful gemstone associated with peace, honesty, and loyalty. If you wear the blue topaz engagement ring, it means that your love is sincere and eternal. Wearing this gemstone will remind you to remain true to yourself and keep the spark with your significant other alive.

Indeed, you must be impressed by the personality revealed by these engagement rings; you can find a variety of them online and maybe buy another one. 


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