Ways a Man Can Look Fabulous in a T-shirt


A T-shirt is a man’s favourite style piece. A T-shirt is simple and requires minimal decision when wearing one. It is the default apparel for a majority of guys.

Men purchase T-shirts in bulk, often from the same brand, and fall in love with them. It doesn’t get replaced until the T-shirt starts falling apart. It is critical to pay cautious attention to the T-shirt style, which is just as important as any part of a wardrobe.

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Australian fashion can be described as practical, informal, and casual. T-shirts are well-loved, including practical footwear moleskin trousers as well as hats that are wide-brimmed. Outfits that are thrown together without much effort are typical of Aussie fashion. To a certain degree, such outfits are regarded as a carryover from the Bush past of Australia.

Get the fit of the T-shirt right

Women are in agreement that men are more attractive in a T-shirt that is fitted. The shape of your torso is emphasized, such as broad shoulders and narrow waist. 

Regardless of how a man is built, a T-shirt can make them look more masculine. However, there is a warning. It has to fit in the right way and highlight your body’s best features without having the effect of a skintight workout top.

The following are several rules for a perfectly fitting T-shirt:


The T-shirt’s seams should be positioned perfectly on the edge of the shoulders.


It must fit around the arms and not extend beyond the elbow. If a man has big arms, it is critical to choose a slightly shorter sleeve or provide the sleeves a couple of folds to show off nice arms.


The top should be long enough for it to be tucked into trousers. But it should not be so long that it bunches at the waistline. Make sure the T-shirt extends past the hip bone up to the waistband of the pants.


The top should conform slightly to the body’s curve. If it is loose, it is impossible to see the body’s shape, and if it is too tight, the stomach’s every detail will be visible. Because of this, a tapered cut that doesn’t lay along the waistline is the most flattering choice.


When arms are raised, there shouldn’t be a huge gap around the neck. It should not be so extremely tight that it is impossible to move around effortlessly. A T-shirt with a good fit is never restrictive and should allow for optimum movement. Tops that are skin-tight should only be worn for sports activities.

Choose the right colour

It is critical to own at least a few of the basic colours: white, black, gray, and navy.


White is able to complement all skin tones. The classic white T-shirt should be included in a man’s wardrobe. Keep in mind to always wash your white clothes together and never mix them with other colours.


Gray helps enhance the body shape. But it is critical to be vigilant about sweat marks that are visible in dark colours.


Another flexible option is black. It can be matched with a majority of outfit combinations. But the colour tends to fade quickly and can be a little severe when worn during the day.


Navy is more suitable during the day compared to black. It is fantastic for creating toned looks when paired with denim jeans.

Choose the right fabric

Quality is not related to the weight of the shirt. T-shirts that utilize lighter materials tend to cost more.

100% cotton is the fabric of choice, especially if it is Egyptian or Pima. They are engineered from fibres that last longer, appear thinner, and feel light.

Cotton blends are also ideal options. Elastane in moderate amounts helps to maintain the T-shirt’s shape. Simultaneously, cotton-polyester blends come at a more affordable price point and provide easier maintenance because they do not crease as much. The T-shirt’s label provides an idea of the fabric composition utilized to make the T-shirt.

It is critical to wear higher quality T-shirts for your comfort and style, such as a Wholesale Blank T-shirt in Australia.

Several things must never be worn when travelling overseas, especially in Australia. Wardrobe pieces such as tight jeans and leggings should be avoided, especially on long-haul flights. Synthetic fabrics must be avoided in Australian weather since these fabrics are not breathable.


It is critical to wear a comfortable and good-fitting T-shirt to kick up your style and look. A T-shirt is the best piece of clothing to wear in Australia.

The reason is Australian summer tends to be extremely hot. Summer in Australia starts around the beginning of December and lasts until the end of February. Depending on where you are travelling in Australia, the weather can change a lot. In the southern regions, from east to west, the weather tends to be hot and dry, so you will need to wear T-shirts and shorts, ideally in light colours.


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