saravanan (actor) age


I am Saravana, a young and handsome actor and model. I am looking for a job, and what I am looking for is that you should hire me.

Saravana is looking for an agent he can trust. He has been asked to appear on a number of television shows and movies, and has been interviewed by different brands, both international and Indian. He is also very intelligent, and has the potential to learn a lot from the experience.

Saravana is one of the best young actors I have seen in a long time, and is in demand in a number of Indian and international films. He has acted in many TV shows and movies, and will be appearing in the upcoming Bollywood movie, “Mera Naam Joker”. He is also the founder of the Saravana Academy, which he believes will give young Indian actors a chance to get recognized for their talent and not just for their looks.

Saravana was born in Mumbai, and studied at the Mumbai Film Institute. He has acted in many films, most notably in the recent Bollywood blockbuster Dangal, which starred Amitabh Bachchan. He is currently acting in the film, The Best Years of Our Lives, which is directed by his childhood friend, Anil Kapoor.

The Saravana Academy is an initiative of Saravanan, who said that it was meant to “give young Indians a chance to get recognized for their talent.” The idea is to have young Indian actors who have already established themselves get their first opportunity to be showcased.

Saravanan is an actor who has been in a lot of films. He acted in the critically acclaimed Bollywood blockbuster, Dangal, which starred Amitabh Bachchan and Manisha Koirala as the titular characters. It is a remake of the 1982 Indian film of the same name. He also acted in the Bollywood blockbuster, Jab We Met.

Saravanan is a young Indian Indian who is trying to make a name for himself. He has established himself in a film series, which is something that is difficult to do in India. When he was on the set of Jab We Met, he was asked to wear a mask that was made to look like a mask of a monkey. The idea was to get people to recognize him for his character, and they are very happy with the way he has been recognized in the film.

Saravanan is also a part of India. He is the son of a former Indian Intelligence officer.

Saravanan is being sought by police for the murder of a local man in a case involving a video game. It appears that Saravanan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the murder was a result of his having been on the wrong side of the law.

Saravanan is still young. He is not a criminal. He is just a man who was wrong-footed after his son killed a local man. He did this because he was looking for money, not to go after the man’s killers. If he had followed his son’s instructions, he would have been able to track down the killers.


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