filmfare award for best supporting actor


The film ‘Best of Enemies’ won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

I guess that’s a pretty good accomplishment considering how much I love David Oyelowo and Daniel Brühl, and how hard it was for the film to win. The film, directed by Thomas Anderson was about how two brothers, a doctor and a pilot, are the only ones left alive in the besieged city of New York.

The film is about a group of young men who go to New York to fight a war. David Oyelowo plays the doctor. I don’t know why but I love him. I really do. He does what he does and he looks great. But how cool is he? A giant white guy who has a great face and a beard. It’s kind of like what I would imagine a “good” actor would look like.

David Oyelowo is a very well-known British actor, but he’s also a fantastic singer and songwriter. So he’s not only a talented actor but a talented singer.

How does he do this? Well, he’s also one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. He’s a very talented actor. But he’s also a great singer. And a great composer. So he’s so much more than an actor. He’s such a really cool individual.

Theres also a whole other reason for this award. Oyelowo is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and actor, but he’s also a brilliant musician. He has the ability to play multiple instruments. So he is versatile, and can play multiple instruments. Its hard to keep track of all the cool things he does.

Oyelowo is also the best singer/songwriter Ive ever seen. Hes so amazing, and he has such an amazing range of voices. He has a unique, wide range of singing styles, and im also really good in dancing. Not only does he sing, but he has also composed a lot of great melodies and played a lot of instruments, which I also think is really cool.

I think that even though he is able to sing, he is also able to play a lot, and is able to do all these other things because he is also very gifted. He is able to do all these other things because he is also very gifted in a lot of other ways. He is able to do all these other things because he is able to play a lot, and perform well in a lot of ways.

It’s hard to say what is the best filmfare award for the best supporting actor of a film, but it’s about as awesome as your character’s performance can get.

But I think its important to remember that it is also about getting the most awesome actors possible, because you don’t get to play them all and you can’t get to play only one star.


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