Promote Work Productivity: Use PDFBear Online Tools for Your Electronic Files


If you have been working in an office, you would have experienced being bombarded with a stack of paperwork on your table. It could be forms, folders, legal files, inventories, and other company-related documents. However, today, electronic files have successfully taken place in these printed materials for most companies.

Hence, it will be more comfortable and convenient to handle different files and documents in digital form. However, the challenges don’t stop there. Some people still find it difficult to deal with electronic files, especially if they don’t have enough knowledge to do file tasks or no tools at hand for technical assistance.

Worry no more because you can now find many websites on the internet that will provide you with many options for free services and online tools. One of these websites that many people have known for many years is PDFBear. Hence, check the list of the PDFBear online tools below and explore the potential of this platform to promote your productivity at work.

Online File Converter

The online file converter of PDFBear will process transforming your files into other formats you need to accomplish a particular task or project. Hence, if you want to convert your high-quality images to a PDF format, you can go ahead and convert JPG to PDF free of charge. Besides that, files in HTML are also convertible to PDF format.

Moreover, if you want to have more fixed copies of your Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, you can quickly convert these files to PDF format. There are more files on the PDFBear website that are available for conversions. You can now visit the site to see which one you need for your task or project you’re working on these days.

Online PDF Merger

Organizing all of your PDF files and making your computer file folders in an orderly manner seem to be time-consuming and stressful sometimes. However, there’s a specialized online tool of PDFBear that you can find on its website, and you can use it for free. The PDF online merger is the tool you’ll need to combine multiple PDFs together, making them a single PDF file.

Therefore, if you have PDFs you usually use for different purposes, such as business, work, school, or leisure, you can merge these PDFs separately. Then, put a new name for the merged files so that you can easily locate them in the future.

The PDF merger tool aims to give you a well-organized file folder. Hence, the next time you will need a particular PDF file, you would know what folder to open and which merged files to search for it. It will surely save you time and effort.

Online PDF Protect

Making your PDF files safe from any unwanted access and unauthorized use of information is of paramount importance. That’s why you need to activate a secure password for your PDF files so that none of these things will happen in the future. Don’t worry because PDFBear also has a PDF protection tool to do the job for you.

You only have to go to the website of PDFBear to access the tool and get your files uploaded. Then, create a secure password with a combination of different numerals, small and capital letters, and other symbols you want to use.

Please wait for a couple of minutes for the tool to save the password you’ve provided. After that, your PDF files are now finally protected moving forward with the help of the PDFBear protection tool.

Online eSign Tool

Some documents need to have a signature to make them valid, credible, and authentic for legality purposes. You can get a pen and directly sign on these documents right away. However, it seems to be infeasible to do so when you’re using electronic files. Don’t worry because PDFBear also has a specialized online tool to help you do this task.

You only have to use the laptop’s touchpad or the computer mouse to add your signature to these PDF documents manually. Another option is to upload an image form of your signature saved on your computer or smartphone.

You have to upload this image on the eSign tool of PDFBear, and the system will save it on your files right away. There you have it! You’ve finally signed your PDF files in no time. That’s how easy it is to add your signature to your PDFs using this online platform of PDFBear.

Online Repair Kit

It’s pretty much sure that it is not new to you to encounter damaged or corrupted PDF files due to malware or computer virus. It has been one of the common problems for most PDF users around the globe. If this will happen to your files in the future, don’t forget to check the PDFBear repair kit to help you fix your corrupted PDF files. It is totally free and trouble-free.


While many people have widely used electronic files, some still face different struggles when it comes to electronic file management and organization. Worry no more because there’s a list of online tools from PDFBear that will surely make your file tasks done most efficiently. You can go ahead and visit the website of PDFBear now and explore more benefits you will get from using this online platform that will surely boost your productivity at work.


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