How To Look Stylish While Wearing A custom Printed Scarf?


The scarf is not just a clothing material, but it can help in keeping your warm and cozy. While choosing the accessories, you should always keep in mind that scarfs also form an important part of your accessories. 

With the help of the custom printed scarf, you can easily make a style statement. The beautiful scarves can easily uplift your style and let you look amazing. 

The graceful scarves make you appear effortlessly stylish. The scarves are available in different colors, patterns, and designs. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss top tips to look stylish with a scarf.   

Drape It Around Your Neck

You should drape the scarf around your neck because it is one of the most elegant ways to wear a scarf. This style of wearing the scarf will help in uplifting your outfit. You can also pair your scarf with your formal dress and look amazing. 

How about pairing a scarf with your basic tee, a tailored blazer, and formal pant? The custom printed scarf will add colors to your formal dress and make it look appealing. 

You can use the following style while draping a scarf around your neck. You should use a custom printed scarf to look stylish. You can take help of the custom scarves printing contractors to make your scarf look attractive and beautiful. 

Cold Shoulder

You should roll your scarf in a diagonal direction and after that, you should wrap the scarf just once around your neck. Now, pick both ends of the scarf and take them to your backside. You should tie your scarf loosely on side of your neck.  

French Girl Twist

This style of draping the scarf is cool and unique. You can never go wrong with this style of draping the scarf. In this style of draping the scarf, you have to make double knots that will look perfect with deep shirts as well as collared shirts.

The Cowgirl Style

This style of wearing a scarf includes folding a scarf into a triangle. You should wrap it once around your neck and bring both ends of the scarf on the front side. Finally tie-up both ends of your scarf.

The Bowtie

This type of draping the scarf will look like a bow. You have to roll the scarf in the diagonal direction. Now, wrap the scarf around your neck and make a knot in such a way that it looks like a bow.  Match your bow with your custom socks to look different. 

The Tie

Yes, you heard it right! Diagonally roll the scarf so that each end is of equal length when draped in the front. Take the right side over the left and wrap it, then under and over again. 

Pull the right side up to the chin and then tuck it under the fold, so it looks more like a tie. Make sure that you choose the right  custom scarf design.

The Plaited Spiral

The plaited scarf is a glam look and you cannot easily pull it off. You have put in a lot of effort to drape the scarf around your neck in this style. First of all, you have to fold the scarf in a triangular form. Finally, fold the largest point again so that you can form the triangle again. 

Now, roll you have to roll the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Make sure that both ends are falling in the forward direction. Make sure that you form a knot and twist both ends in such a way that you keep the fabric loose and fluffy. 

The loose fabric will help in making your scarf looks like a braid. Finally, you have to tie a double knot when you have wrapped one end around your neck.

Scarf As Bandana

You can use your scarf as headgear or bandana. Using a scarf as a bandana will give you an edgy look that is quite difficult to pull off. This style of draping a scarf looks super classy if you wrap the scarf in an optimum way. 

This style of draping the scarf is perfect while you are relaxing on a beach, going on a picnic with friends, or doing a party at home. Using a scarf as a headgear will not just protect your hair, but also let you look stylish.

Scarf As Neckpiece

It is one of the simplest and stylish ways to wear a scarf. If you want to use a scarf as a neckpiece, you should fold the scarf and create a simple knot in the middle of your neck. 

After that, make two other knots at both ends. It will help in making your scarf looks like a neckpiece. Pair custom dress socks with custom socks for the homeless to embrace a unique look.

Scarf Like A Bracelet 

You can easily wrap the scarf around your wrist and use your scarf as a bracelet. It is one of the trendiest ways to use the scarf and look stylish.


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