4 Marvellous Ways to Spend Time at Siesta Key


An eight-mile-long barrier island located from Florida’s west shore, Siesta Key is a tiny slice of heaven situated between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Most tourists readily fall in love with the region. Still, you will also be delighted to know that the Manager of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research Stephen P. Leatherman — aka”Dr. Beach” — lately crowned Siesta Key that the country’s best shore of his 2011 yearly “Top Ten Beaches” record!

Watch the Awesome White Sand Beaches

Since it’s 99 percent pure quartz, Siesta Key Beach is famous for its powder-fine white sand, which remains cool to the touch; however, the thermometer climbs. It depends upon who you ask; yet, Siesta Key’s sand has rumours of using “magic healing powers.” The shore’s clear blue water brings tourists and locals alike, and the place’s laid-back setting is sufficient to earn any holiday relaxing. At the same time, it is a weeklong retreat or a weekend escape.

Experience the Beauty of Nature

Though the region’s beaches are award winners, there are many exciting things to do in Siesta Key besides swimming and sunbathe. If you like an animal lover, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open at all times throughout your holiday! Be on the watch for overseas dolphins and manatees should you opt to have a boat charter because they are spots from the gulf and bay. A vast array of birds telephone Siesta Key house too, and bird-watching is a favorite activity. Wild parrots, terns, plovers, ibis, spoonbills, and storks are plentiful, as are the 4 to 5-foot tall Florida sandhill cranes. Their reddish heads are completely stunning, and you will typically find the cranes in pairs of 2 because they mate for life. Make sure you bring your camera! Visit Delta Airlines Reservations to get latest deals on vacation packages with extra offers on flight fares.

Stroll through Siesta Village

Siesta Key’s variant of Main Street, Siesta Village, is a superb spot to see if hunger strikes or the disposition to store hits you. You may readily locate everything from delicious regional delicacies such as rock crab claws to mainstream favorites such as cheeseburgers. Local pubs also provide refreshing cold beverages in this four-block radius. Coffee shops and ice cream stands are mixed flawlessly with surf shops and kitschy souvenir stores featuring virtually anything you would ever desire. Make sure you check for specific events based upon the time of year you are seeing Siesta Key. The Halloween party, holiday light, spacious home, craft fair, Valentine stroll, and Easter egg hunt are simply a couple of the favorite yearly Siesta Key customs.

Love the Tropical Nightlife

Here is nothing like a visit to the old watering hole wherever you go on holiday. However, Siesta Key’s pubs and nightclubs provide a perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. Open-air bars and bars featuring live reggae songs are commonplace, offering people an entertainment option that isn’t out-of-control! Love the tropical nightlife in Siesta Key, return to your resort, and wake up to love all over again! After all, this is heaven.


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