How Passing a Cisco Exam Gets You a Senior Network Engineer Job?


As a Senior Network Engineer, you are liable for designing, implementing, and improving the overall network services, including client-facing services. Employers anticipate a deep understanding of information security and engineering, activation, and 24*7 operations and support. This job is essential for a high-performance team in a fast-paced company that requires client and business focus and exhibits skills/experience related to leadership, management, and technology.

One of the essential skills a senior network engineer needs is an extensive knowledge of the network operating systems that will be used on daily basis (counting Cisco, JUNOS, and IOS).

How Much Can You Earn As A CCNP Certified? 

So the time has come to respond to the most asked question now. As the PayScale record shows, the average pay of a CCNP-certified network engineer is $ 84,000. 

Huge research has also demonstrated that the senior network engineer’s yearly pay came to $ 106,000.

These numbers are relatively high. In any case, this information is not fixed for all people. There are debatable elements that consider how much a CCNP professional gets. 

What these components are, we will show them below.

1 Your nation directs your compensation 

The appropriate answer especially relies upon where you are. This implies that the nation where you live and the organization where you work hugely affect your pay. 

The ZipRecruiter disclosure demonstrates how a certified CCNP living in the U.S. gets an average yearly salary of $ 107,293. That is truly great pay. However, if we compare this with other nations, it would be a different story. Every nation varies regarding salary pay. Even though you have a Cisco ENAUTO 300-435 Lab Exam, it generates a pay advantage.

2. The higher is your position, and the higher is your compensation 

The other aspect of the decision about your pay is your work. Between job titles, for example, network engineer and network managers and high-profile titles – website designers and IT managers, the compensation gap is truly large.

Working environment ranking is following the pay allotted to every individual. This isn’t always a bad thing since an individual CCNP gets a much better rate compared to others that are not identified by Cisco.

3. Knowledge and experience play a role

Lastly, academic qualifications and handy practical knowledge of your subject fit the riddle. It’s impossible to draw a good figure without showing that you are qualified. The CCNP certification makes sure to help you with joining a trustworthy organization. In any case, so will educational accomplishment and experience.

Job Prospects for CCNA Routing and Switching Certification 

In the wake of getting the Network Devices section, you will be qualified for a wide range of jobs in the IT sector. Probably the most generously paid jobs are Network Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Information Technology Manager, System Engineer, and Information Technology Director. Likewise, individuals who want to build their own business can also get advantages from this Cisco certification.

Motivations to Pass Exam 300-075 and Get CCNP Collaboration Badge 

  • Bosses will take you 

Finishing the Cisco 300-075 exam shows you have the right stuff that businesses are searching for. The way that you can focus on your skills is sufficient to stand out from your hiring managers. They will find in you somebody willing to put everything on the line to ensure he is prepared for their job obligations. A portion of the job obligations that go with this qualification incorporates a collaborative engineer, a Unified Communications Manager, and a senior network engineer (implementation).

  • You will draw in great remuneration packages

Businesses who invest their time and funds in polishing their skills are considered by hiring managers as serious people. They are willing to invest in somebody who invests in themselves. This makes them follow through on your prices that relate to the skills you have. 

A CCNP certification pulls in better compensation compared to when you don’t have one. However, as long you can enable your organization to accomplish its network objectives, you are in a good spot with regards to the salary package you will draw in. As a CCNP collaboration expert, your yearly average compensation would be $ 113,603 as ZipRecruiter reports.

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