Common Stages of Family Planning

Family Planning

Thinking about parenthood is a major factor in any long-term relationship. Whether deciding on the best birth control method or planning the size of your future family, it’s important to have these important conversations with your partner. Some couples want one child, some want multiple children, and some don’t want any children. When it’s time to start talking about children, there are several stages you’ll go through when planning a family.

Emotional Preparation


The first step in planning a family is making sure you and your partner are on the same page about children. If the conversation has never come up, it’s important to understand your partner and to know when and how to approach the topic. Be open-minded and prepared for the fact that it might not be a one-time conversation or a choice that can be made at the moment. You also need to think about the strength of your relationship and realize that parenthood is a challenging job that’s not always easy.

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Pre-Delivery Preparation


Before trying to conceive, it’s a good idea to investigate your health insurance plan and weigh the costs of having a baby. Even with health insurance, it’s expensive to have a baby. You’ll need to know how much time you each have for maternity and paternity leave and whether or not it’s paid leave.

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Preparing to bring a new baby home requires a lot of out-of-pocket expenses in addition to medical costs. You’ll need to prepare a nursery, get clothes, toys, a diaper bag, a stroller, and baby seat, and other essentials that can quickly add up. You’ll also need to think about how your budget will be impacted following the birth of a baby.

Before the birth of your baby, you’ll want to choose a pediatrician in your network. Get recommendations from family and friends and ask to interview any pediatricians you’re interested in. You’ll need to take your baby in for its first appointment a week after birth, so you’ll need to be prepared ahead of time.

Making Room


A big part of planning a family is making sure your home has room to grow. A studio or one-bedroom apartment may work for a couple, but things may feel cramped with a baby. Upgrading to a larger home isn’t feasible for everyone, but if you are a homeowner, a great option is to remodel or build an addition to your home. It’s important to work with a great company that’s known for its impeccable work ethic and family-like customer service.

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Preparing For The Long-Term


You’ll need to contact your insurance company and add your baby to your plan within a month of birth. The sooner you do this, the better, as you’ll have to pay for doctor visits without coverage. You and your spouse may want to take out a life insurance policy or adjust your beneficiaries if you already have one. You’ll also want to update the beneficiaries of your 401(k) and IRAs.

Write or adjust your will to designate a legal guardian for your children in the event of your death. You may plan to stay at home for a while, but it’s a good idea to start planning for child care expenses early. It can take time to find an ideal daycare or nanny, so be sure to factor this in if planning to return to work at the end of maternity or paternity leave.

Preparing for parenthood is an exciting time that’s full of big decisions and important milestones.


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