Phones outperform toothbrushes as more people own smartphones today than the necessary toothbrushes. So, one cannot part with it for long periods, and that is precisely why one tries to fix phone problems as soon as they crop up. 

Imagine one has a Huawei phone, and it malfunctions. Googling ‘Huawei Phones Repairs In Sydney’ is what anyone would do at that moment. However, most people do not know what to do to address these problems. Knowing when to take the phone to an expert is also vital in saving the phone and costs. 

Here are a few common phone issues and how to deal with them:

1. When the Phone Responds Slowly

This problem is one of the most common ones that plague phone users today. The reasons are many as to why this occurs. Firstly, as the phone ages, the operating system may not be as efficient as it was, when new. Secondly, today phones have to keep up with running multiple apps and tabs simultaneously, which takes up RAM, thereby slowing the process down. 


  • If the phone is not old, one could begin by closing down unwanted tabs and apps. 
  • Clear the cache. Most apps take significant space for the cache. Go into settings and clear some to speed up the phone.
  • Alter settings to prevent unnecessary apps from running in the background. Predominantly, they take up most of the RAM, and most users do not recognise it. 
  • Go ahead and delete apps that are no longer of much use. Why let up slow down precious processes when they no longer serve a purpose. 

2. Low Battery Capacity:

This situation again arises more with age. Battery health slowly deteriorates as the phone ages.

Battery problems are often a result of user abuse or neglect. Do not let the battery drain for a recharge cycle. Try altering some settings and deleting apps that considerably drain the battery.


  • Maximise the standby time by doing any of the following. Shorten the screen timeout in the settings to prevent battery wastage.  
  • Reduce brightness and keep it at minimal levels at all times unless necessary. 
  • Every phone has a battery saving mode, so switch it on to extend the battery life. Note: Some apps do not function in full capacity when battery saver mode is on.
  • Turn off background data-leeching settings and updates. 

3. Cracked Screen:

Phone screens are most vulnerable to damage. Most people would not like to admit they are clumsy, but it doesn’t only take butterfingered people all the time to drop something. It may happen to anyone at any point, and it inevitably does. When one looks for Huawei phone repairs in Sydney, remember to opt for services that offer expert care and professional service. 

Cracks left unchecked over time lead to slower response time. Cracks also cause moisture to enter the system and cause irreparable damage sometimes. It is vital to repair the phone after it is damaged. 


  • Repair first and then take steps to prevent it. If a screen has already cracked, it is best to have it replaced. 
  • Later one can add protective measures like buying a screen protector or a sturdy case. Cushion it so that it reduces damage in case it falls. 


Some repair services offer free diagnostics, a warranty, and very little turnaround time. So do some research and choose stores that score in all the checkboxes. They will save precious time and save costs simultaneously.


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