A Google-Powered Smart Home: What You Need


Is a Smart Home setup expensive? Does it require any sort of restructuring of your home? There are a ton of questions that can come to your mind if you were to think of making your home a smart one. But the crux of all those questions can be answered by the following; here’s what you need to know about a Smart Home. 

A home is categorized as a smart one when it has internet-enabled devices that can be controlled remotely through smartphones and via voice-enabled control as well. For your home to become a Smart Home, you don’t need any sort of restructuring or spend an extravagant amount that you probably have in your mind right now. Yes, smart homes require an initial investment but the keyword here is an investment. And that’s because smart devices that collectively make your home a Smart Home are long-term, with 3 major benefits: 

  • They bring about home automation
  • Some smart devices are energy efficient so they can cut back on your utility bills alongside. 
  • Certain smart devices are great for alternative home security methods. 

How to Set Up a Smart Home 

You probably understand now that in order to have a Smart Home set up, you can install smart devices within your home. And one of the best brands that you could rely on for setting up a Smart Home is Google. Yes, the same Google which is the global favorite search engine. 

Google has over time ventured into other fields – advertising, software development and even producing its own devices. This is what brings us to Google’s Nest series – a collection of smart devices powered by Google. 

And here are some Google smart devices that you can install to set up your Smart Home network. 

Google Smart Devices to Set Up Your Smart Home Network

1. Nest Wi-Fi Router

In order to sustain a Smart Home or even set up the network, one thing you must know is that you require around-the-clock internet connectivity – which of course is supported by Wi-Fi in our homes. So other than having the right internet plan which can support the needs of all connected smart devices, and your personal internet usage needs that as video streaming, downloads, online gaming, etc., it is equally important to have seamless coverage around the home.

If there isn’t adequate internet coverage, and dead corners present where the Wi-Fi signals do not reach, then that beats the purpose of having a Smart Home. 

Well for that reason only you could consider buying the Nest Wi-Fi Router – a smart router that provides seamless internet connectivity and covers a wider range than any ordinary router can. But here’s the best part about this router, it connects to your smartphones via the Google Home app for your smartphones – where you can access all the device’s settings. Also, when the Google Nest Wi-Fi router and point are paired together, they can connect up to 200 devices under one roof!

2. Nest Mini Smart Speaker

If you didn’t already figure it out as yet, then know that Google Nest devices can be set up, managed, and controlled from the Google Home mobile app. But other than having remote control of the connected devices from your phones, there is also a way to have voice-enabled control – thanks to the Nest Mini Smart Speaker. 

This device features Google’s voice assistant called the Google Assistant, pre-built into it. The Google Assistant acts like your very own virtual assistant which can carry out voice-enabled controls over other devices that are connected to it. At the same time, it can even do basic tasks like taking down your reminders, setting up schedules for smart devices, finding online recipes, and check weather forecasts and so many more day-to-day things. 

3. Nest Doorbell

Could you ever imagine answering your front door while laying by the pool at the club? With the Nest Doorbell, that’s exactly what you can do! A smart video doorbell that adds to your Smart Home setup and can be answered from the Google Home mobile app. 

Not only is the Nest Doorbell ideal for answering the door from your phone, but it also displays live video footage because it is a video doorbell after all. The device also substitutes for a little surveillance camera because as we said, live footage is available around-the-clock with a history backup available too. 

4. Nest Learning Thermostat

If you’re setting up a Smart Home, then a smart thermostat is an absolute necessity to install in your home. It’s perfect for saving up on energy and cutting back on the heating and cooling bills. For that, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the perfect device. Managed through the Google Home mobile app, you can control your smart thermostat remotely, while it also syncs to the Nest Mini Smart Speaker too to enable voice control. 

One unique feature that this particular device includes, is that just as its name suggests, it can quite literally learn the preferred temperature settings of a household and adjust itself accordingly – to keep your home cozy all the time. But it also can turn itself down when it notices no one around. Its motion sensor smart tech is what sets the Nest Learning Thermostat apart from the rest of the contenders in the market. 

Final Word

It’s super easy to set up the Google Home mobile app, and it is with this one app that you can control multiple Google devices present in your home. Now isn’t that the perfect way to use Google other than just to do research on the internet?


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