5 things you should NOT put on memorial plaques

memorial plaques

If you are honoring a loved one and you are the person in charge of creating their memorial plaque, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to this method of remembering your loved one or family member. Avoid putting anything on the memorial stone that is insensitive, not true, or can dishonor your loved one. Make sure you take into account the person’s aura, personality, interests, likes, and hobbies before you create memorial plaques. 

By putting thought and effort into the memorial plaques for your loved ones, you can honor their memory one last time and make remembering them a therapeutic part of the grieving process. Let’s see a few things that you absolutely should not put on any type of memorial stones for your loved ones or friends – check out some more information here. See more where you can find memorial plaques for your loved ones.

5 things to never put on memorial plaques or stones for your loved one

Incorrect birth or death date

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you are creating memorial plaques for your loved one is putting the wrong birth date or death date. Although the death date is less important, you must have the date correct in terms of referencing back later on in life. If you find that you are visiting the memorial plaques years down the line, and your kids and grandkids will do the same, then putting the correct death date is key to remembering how and when the person died. Furthermore, the birthdate is an important part of the person’s life – so make sure you get this info right.

Incorrect name

The next thing to avoid putting on someone’s memorial plaques is the incorrect name. Even if you have the name right – but the spelling is wrong – this still shows a lack of caring and empathy when it comes to the deceased person. Avoid spelling mistakes and double-check your work.

An inaccurate phrase

The next thing to avoid putting on memorial plaques for your loved ones is a phrase that they may not have lived or lived by. If you put a quote on the person’s plaque, and it is something that they would not have admired or listened to in their daily life, it can seem disingenuous and untrue regarding their life and interests.

Inaccurate facts

The last thing that you want to put on someone’s memorial plaques is inaccurate facts. If you put something that the person did or something they liked – but it was untrue – this is not honing their memory.

An ex-spouse

The last thing that you should avoid putting on memorial plaques for loved ones is information about their ex-spouses. If you find they were married in the past, but they are not now, then there is no point in putting an ex-partner on the plaque with their memory.


If you’re the person in charge of creating a memorial plaque for a loved one or a friend, then you need to make sure the information you include is accurate, honorable, and respectful of the deceased person. 


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