5 Smile-Inducing Features of an Orthodontist Parramatta

Orthodontist Parramatta

Parramatta has become one of the fast-growing suburbs of metro Sydney, with an estimated population of about 278,500. The commercial business district of Western Sydney contains several state departments and a federal court registry. It is easy to find the best orthodontist in Parramatta

When selecting an orthodontist, you have several factors to look for. The things you have to consider include services like metal or clear braces, locations, and days and hours of operation. All of these features not only can improve your dental health but also your quality of life.   

Various services

Orthodontists offer a wide range of services, although braces are certainly one of the most popular ones. It’s been about two centuries since Christophe-Francois Delabarre invented orthodontic braces in 1819. Metal braces are the most well-known type available.

However, various other kinds of braces like ceramic or clear braces are also available. These are nearly invisible to others as the braces, wires, and rubber bands are clear. Its transparency makes them ideal for self-conscious people or those who want to be more photogenic when taking selfies. 

Another common type of braces is known as lingual braces. The difference is located inside the teeth and faces the patient’s tongue instead of the lips. As the name suggests, these braces are difficult to spot when a person is talking. They can also get the same benefit when smiling. 

Multiple locations

When selecting an orthodontist, you should also consider ones with multiple locations like Southern Highlands and Shellharbour. The Australian government reports that slightly over half of Aussie adults made a dentist visit during the past year. 

There are several reasons why people might avoid going to a dentist. One of the most common ones is simply finding it difficult to fit it into their busy schedule. When orthodontists in Western Sydney have clinics in various areas like Wollongong, it’s much easier for customers to visit them on their day off or the weekend.  

Convenient days and hours of operation

Convenience is an important feature to look for so you can schedule an appointment based on your daily schedule. Parramatta is a commercial hub of Western Sydney, which can make travel time to visit an an orthodontist difficult.

When searching for a clinic, look for ones that are open multiple days during the weekdays. An always open clinic can give you flexibility and options. It’s also a plus when an orthodontist’s clinic is open on Saturday since sometimes that’s the only available time busy Sydney-siders have for dental appointments.   

Customer service

There are different factors to consider. They include on-site parking, affordable payment options, and decades of experience. Such factors can provide a better customer experience.

Customer feedback

A recent Sensis social media report showed that nearly 70% of Australians read online reviews or blogs before buying a product or service. It’s helpful to consider online reviews an orthodontist clinic has received from sources like Google Reviews. Look for a high average, such as between 4 and 5 stars. Make sure to read multiple reviews so you can learn what past customers report are the clinic’s pros and cons.  

Selecting the right orthodontist in Parramatta is an important process that can help to provide an outstanding experience. Some of the main ones to take up include services, experience, and operating days/hours. Getting dental work can be much less challenging than many people think. A wise choice can put a smile on your face.


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