3 Advantages of Using Metal Storage Containers to Organize Your Home

Metal Storage Containers

Today there are a hundred possible ways to store items from your paper clips, laundry, to hardware gears and nuts. At the same time, the options we have for the material of these storage containers can range from plastic, glass, metal, rubber, or wood. Not only that, a wide range of designs and functionality is also available with these containers. So how do you decide which one is the best to buy? When we probably will opt to choose plastic-made containers to organize our items in the house, in this article we would like to put on the table of discussion the many advantages of using other material specifically metal containers and what you would gain in making your household more plastic-free. There are many ways to cleverly use metal-based containers in making your house clutter-free and be a complete space saver, so if you’re ready to dive into this organizing topic then below are the advantages and many uses of using metal in your home.

  1. Safe to Use

Like mentioned we can go crazy in using plastic in just about anything in the house because they tend to be less cheap and more available. But when it comes to food storage it pays to be more attentive to how they impact our health in the long run. In the kitchen, we have lots of organizing to do, and even when we don’t heat the plastic containers and simply use them to contain oat and cereals, we still don’t know if they are safe. Some plastic materials do have life spans and when exposed to stressful environments can leach out the BPA’s that we all fear and avoid. To best stir clear of this possibility, using metal containers with lids for storage of dry ingredients like coffee, milk, and sugar could be the best solution. If you’re buying into using other materials because of how transparent they can be, there are a lot of metal containers that have neat labels to help you identify what’s in your kitchen tin can. Of course, we have other options like glassware, however, if you’re the type to mishandle or lose your grip with anything you grab or hold then glass won’t be the best fit for you, and using them less as a dry food container would be less shattering for you. They also tend to be more durable than plastic containers. Using them gives the plus side to both your savings and your health. 

  1. They Are Versatile

The most common metal organizing storage container we might encounter is the Metal Wire Baskets. These containers are probably the best in storing just about any object in the house given that they are large enough. From storing soft objects like laundry, bathroom towels, and extra guest cushions and blankets you can also use them to store books in your living room area, hang your fruits and kitchen materials to being a neat shoe organizer, and even to beautifully display plants. You can either hang them in layers in different ways to accommodate your items or leave them as is and stack them up when not in use and simply grab them when needed. A Metal wire basket can make the storing and organizing work in every area of the house. 

  1. There’s a Variety of Great Options

Some people shy away from using metal containers because of the cold look they have compared to the fresh and bright colors of other organizing materials. While there are also people who dig this steely industrial look, there are a lot of ways to upgrade a metal container in your house. 

Spraying copper or bronze spray paint to your metal containers and baskets can give it the vintage look. If you’re not into making your house old fashion looking then you can use more elegant colors like gold and silver to create a serene modern atmosphere. Whether you choose to use soft colors or neon paint to make them eye-catching, you make easy quick upgrades with metal that you probably would not apply to other materials. Besides this, there are also many ways to make these containers as multifunctional as other household storage materials. With a sturdy type of metal, a metal basket could be converted into a living room desk. You can also turn this material into unique living room furniture. Simply attach a strong type of wood to the other open end and this will immediately turn your container into a modern-looking stool. 

The Best Place to Get Storage Containers

Metal containers can be as stylish and functional as other storage materials and safer to use. If you love these awesome ideas on how to use your metal storage containers and like to use one to upgrade in your organization then go to Storerables.com where you can find those very storage ideas and containers mentioned above. They offer a wide variety of options on the metal storage containers you can use with high-quality material. This website is an oasis for the frustrated homeowner, with their professional tips and know-how when it comes to recreating your home space. If you need an interior designer guru then you will surely find practical tips in their articles. This website is all about space-saving, the clever and smart way for making any area of your home a stress-free avenue for you and your family. Whether you’re planning to maximize small spaces in your house, declutter your bedroom, or revive your garden, Storables.com will be able to guide you in these challenging household projects.


Organizing can become a challenge to anyone. When it comes to knowing what storage materials to use, and what ideas to use to upgrade your unique home, it sure helps to have a website like Storables to help you see what best works for you and your space. If ever you’re stuck on how to go about organizing, make sure to visit Storables.com and you will surely find bright ideas and useful storage materials to get you going. 


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