Keep Your Office Organized With These Storage Cabinets and Drawers

Tired of working in a messy workplace? Do you find it stressful when you see an unorganized office? You are, for sure. When we work on something, we want our place free of unwanted things around the table or the area. An uncluttered place boosts our drive to work efficiently. But how can we keep that unwanted stuff if we don’t have enough storage for them? The answer – use office organizers or cabinets.

It is always best to clean and clear our working area before we proceed to do what we have to do. This will create a good ambiance that will eventually uplift our mood to work. A spacious office and neatly tucked office paraphernalia in their respective cabinets encourages productivity. We’re here to help you find the right ones to back you up! Check out these office storage cabinets that will be perfect for your workplace. 

File cabinets

Filing a lot of photos and printed files need bigger storage. What else can we opt for but a file cabinet! We all know that most offices use file cabinets to store papers that contain information. Some are confidential files that the office is working on. This is the best solution for organizing them and may use them too to hide things to add up space in the room. 

Other manufacturers produce file cabinets with wheels. This is another way to make it easy for the storage to be moved. You can transfer it to any corner where you think it is fitted. You won’t struggle in moving it so you can design the office with ease. A file cabinet is sometimes small or tall so it will depend on the person’s taste of what could fit in his office. It can hold large items such as books and bulky folders. It can be made from:


Steel filing cabinets are very sturdy and heavy-duty they won’t easily be rocked when you bump with them. It comes with an easy-glide system for the drawers. This way it would be easy to pull out and back the drawers smoothly. 


Adding a wooden file cabinet boosts earth colors inside the office to create a homey feel. On the other hand, wooden file cabinets ooze an air of prestige when you choose the antique ones. It is also sturdy especially if the wood came from authentic wood from trees. These trees are expensive in the market when producing wooden furniture. 


This product is Philippine-made and showcases the sturdiness of this fiber. If you want something organic to create a natural vibe in your office, this one is for you.  These storage drawers for filing cabinets can add a different touch to a formal office setup.

Desk with shelves and drawers

If you want to come up with a simple office and you don’t have that much stuff to keep, you may opt for this office furniture. It may be made in steel or wood. The design is best for minimalists who prefer a simple and comfortable place to work at. It is an all-in-one type of office storage as it is the area you work on and at the same time stores your important files and office essentials.

The shelves at the lower part of the desk keep the books and other essential forms in an orderly way. They are visible so it is easier to rummage through them to find what you are looking for. Another feature is the drawers. It may contain one or two drawers that specifically fit the desk. Some designs offer a spacious compartment for your things such as pens and other belongings. It becomes convenient to sort and keep your things then see them outright when you look for them.

Cabinet organizers 

Sometimes, when you put important files inside your office cabinet, they don’t fit. These files are longer than the usual file size that they hit the upper shelf where they are kept. It would be great to opt for a cabinet that has adjustable shelves inside. This way you can adjust the height of the shelf to insert the forms according to their length. Its purpose is to allow you to stack and organize items based on how you want them. 

Another type of cabinet organizer you can opt for is the one with an open space for shelves. The exposed shelves could store books and electronic gadgets, and accessories. It must have a smooth top where you can place your printer or your phone. The cabinet keeps enough storage for other essentials that you don’t want to be seen. 

Lateral cabinets

Cabinets’ doors are vertical and the drawers are not too wide. Let us welcome a different style that offers lateral design. This is very efficient in storing files that have bigger dimensions which other file cabinets cannot give. Its width is spacious enough to cover a lot of your stuff.

Because it is spacious, you can be creative by putting a partition inside the drawers if you want to use the others for small stuff. All it takes is to put wooden dividers or hard cartons to make the partition. Lateral cabinets have easy-glide drawers because they are big so it would be easy to pull them out. 

Final Say

A clean and organized office makes your day. You feel a lot better and work gets efficient results the moment you feel the air of orderliness in the area. It is no doubt a great productivity booster! Decluttering free up space that you need to breathe from exhausting office work. What better way to keep unessential stuff but to put storage cabinets, right?

The differences of each storage would give you the options that you think will fit your workplace. Have a good fix of your papers, books, and office belongings by purchasing the right one for you. At Storables, we guarantee you that we have a variety of quality office storage cabinets that can match your working space. Visit our site and purchase one now!

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