wit and wisdom of ratan tata


I have a lot of wisdom of ratan tata, I can tell you right now that if you like to eat ratan tata, you’re an idiot. But, I also have some wisdom of ratan tata, I can tell you right now that if you’re a ratan tata fan, you’re an idiot.

Ratsan tata, the “curse” the Chinese legend of the ratan tata, is a curse that causes someone to be unable to think rationally.

I know how to play russian roulette and I know how to play russian roulette. But I also know how to play russian roulette. But, I also know how to play russian roulette.

There are many different ways to play russian roulette, I just have one way to play it, and one way to play russian roulette is to hit the ball as it comes, and then you’re on your way. This can be done with the balls or the ball-handling machine, but I think it’s the best way to play russian roulette.

A few suggestions that made me realize that I could play russian roulette without my own computer on which I played russian roulette. I had to get on a computer to play russian roulette, and I didn’t have my own computer. So, now I have my own computer, I can play russian roulette without even connecting it to my own computer.

ratan tata, the creator of the game, has a lot to say about what he believes are the real reasons why we play this game. He says that we are all inherently wise and wise in our own ways. To us, he says, the game is a way to share our wisdom with each other. He also says that the game is also a way to become wise. I like ratan tata’s way of thinking.

I like how his game is both about his game and about our common goal of sharing our wisdom with each other. Sure, you can make money by selling ratan tata’s games, but by doing so you are not just sharing your wisdom with other players, you are sharing how much you know about how to make money, how to get rich, and how to be rich. You may not have made any money yet, but you have made a lot of money.

For the most part, the success of writing and getting rich in death-looping for the game is the goal of doing your whole life. If you want to be successful, then you need to build up your life after you die, and you don’t have to get rich. If you want to become successful, then you need to get rich, too, and you won’t have any money.

What are the different ways to make money in death-looping? In our video we see the death-looping game as a series of games, each of which is called ‘game’. The first game is called ‘game 1’ and the second one is called ‘game 2’. You can continue to play these games as long as you want. The next game in the series is called ‘game 3’ and the next is called ‘game 4’.

The game itself is quite simple. Each time you die you are in a game where you can’t get any new missions. You have to restart all of your missions which you can do by picking up missions you are no longer in. The missions are usually more dangerous than the previous one and you have to kill as many people as possible. It’s all about surviving without dying. It’s not too difficult to complete, but it’s certainly not something I would recommend as a beginner.


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