Why might it be tricky shopping for the best dab rigs? Get some help here

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If you’re shopping for a new smoking accessory, you need to make sure the apparatus is safe, easy to use, and has all of the necessary characteristics to be functional and effective!

How can I shop for the best dab rigs on the market?

If you’re new to buying a dab rig, you might be wondering – how can I find the best dab rigs for my needs? If you don’t know what to look for, it can be hard finding the right apparatus for your needs. Dab rigs should be easy to use, fun, and a strong smoking method that uses concentrates to provide long-lasting flavor, strong hits, and an intense high that are ideal for advanced users. 

If you have been considering purchasing a dab rig but don’t know where to start, you need to figure out how the process works, what dabs are, and how you can smoke concentrates safely. For starters, a dab rig is an apparatus that has the user ingesting concentrates with a dab rig, quartz banger or nail, and other accessories to help you get started with the process, which you can buy online here.

Mini rigs

One of the best things to look for when shopping for a dab rig for your next smoking experience is considering purchasing a mini rig. A mini rig is more portable and easy to bring to your friend’s houses and other locations to make the smoking experience more social and fun with friends. When compared to big dab rigs, mini rigs are also stronger, provide long-lasting highs and provide an intense flavor due to the lack of air inside of the mechanism!

Cool looking

The next feature to look for when browsing dab rigs for your next smoking accessory is the “cool” factor associated with the mechanism. You want to purchase dab rigs that are cool-looking, unique, fun, and aesthetic. Since you will be using the dab rig quite often for smoking cannabis, you want to choose a stylish option that is going to be exciting when you use it. 

Recycled water function

The next characteristic that you should look for when browsing the best dab rigs for you to purchase would be a recycled water function. This can help save water and make sure the dab rig is cleaned between uses. By recycling water, you can avoid having to refill the machine every time after you smoke, or change to avoid dirty water buildup in the apparatus. 

Doesn’t over-do the percolation

The final characteristic that you need to take into account when you are looking to find the best dab rigs for your needs is to choose an apparatus that avoids over-percolation during the concentrate process. Make sure you find a dab rig with good reviews that show the efficiency of the product before purchasing.


If you’re considering purchasing a new dab rig, then you have to look at the best dab rigs on the market to make sure you can choose one that has all of the aforementioned characteristics. Look for dab rigs that are mini rigs, cool-looking, use the recycle water function, and don’t overdo the percolation. 


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