Which is the best document format between PDF and DOC?


We all have come across the two most popular and universally accepted document formats: Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. However, most of us fail to choose one between the two formats when submitting our official documents. But there is not one single answer as your choice will depend on the circumstances and in this article we will explain it in detail.

When should you choose the Word format?

These are some of the features exclusive to Microsoft Word, so if you feel the need to make the most of these, you will find no better alternative than Microsoft word.

  • Extracting and reusing images

You might feel the need to extract some images from some of your previous documents to reuse them. However, if you attempt to do it in Adobe, you would find no success because the images are embedded. But your work would be super easy if you copy and paste images to and from any Microsoft Word files.

  • Editing options

If some of your document consists of numerous pages, it has high chances of errors, so you should edit it before submitting it. Besides spelling and grammar checks, Microsoft word also allows you to format large areas of your text simultaneously.. Even though Adobe also provides editing tools, those are not extensive like that of Word, and thus you can only edit smaller areas of text at a time.

When should you choose the PDF format?

Here are some of the reasons for opting for PDF format:

  • Printing

If your aim is to get your hands on high-quality printed files, then you can rely on Adobe acrobat. PDF follows the WYSIWYG format, which implies that the printed copy of the file will be the replica of the soft copy you see on your screen. Often some DOC files are rejected by printers because of inconsistent page layouts.

  • Accessing online content

If you want to download web content such as newspapers, catalogs, manuals, etc., then you can use Adobe Acrobat to view it while ensuring high-quality. Similarly, you can post your PDF while making sure that it can only be read and not altered.

  • Accessing archived files

Often searching archived files and viewing them on all platforms can become a hassle. However, if you use the PDF format, your task would become easier to access and organize, as per your requirements.

  • Integrating multiple formats

While Microsoft Word does not allow you to import files and images from another tool or software, in Adobe Acrobat, you would find this function. Thus you can export text from multiple DOC files or use spreadsheets from Microsoft excel in your PDF document.

Which one should you choose between PDF and DOC?

As you might have already figured out, you should be flexible and thus use both whenever required. If you feel that your PDF file requires editing, then the best strategy would be to convert it into WORD and then edit it. You can switch to PDF format from DOC format with the help of pdf.com, one of the best tools for converting your doc files to PDF and vice versa. 


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