Tips to Style Your Home with Homewares in the Best Way


The rising cases of Covid-19 have led to people spending time at home majority of the times. Instead of travelling to other places and unwind, staying at home is safer and risk-free. As a way of coping up, people turn to the beautification of their gardens, living room, kitchen, among others. Hence, homewares are big right now. Here are some ideas to get your space to achieve that magazine look. 

Make Your Bed a Happy, Calm Space 

Your bed is for sleeping and relaxing. That is why it should feel like the sheets are heavenly whenever you stay there. According to experts, to achieve a luxurious feel, you can use crisp white linens or pastel-coloured ones. Your bedding and pillows should not be flat. It is better if they are plump. 

You can even make your bedroom look like the ones you see in magazines. Use a comforter or a duvet that has a solid colour or patterns that are not too complex. To top it off, put coordinated smaller pillows on top of the ones you use for sleeping. You can also toss in other decorative pillows on the bottom of the bed. 

Try Out Quirky Pieces 

When designing your home with homewares, it does not necessarily have to be classic looks. Sometimes, playful and quirky pieces will bring life to a room in your home. It can be an artwork that catches the eye of anyone. It can also be furniture that has a colour that you do not usually go with. You can also check out sheets for your bed with an unusual colour, pattern, or design. 

Do Not Always Push Furniture Against the Wall 

Sometimes, people tend to decorate their homes by placing their furniture up against the walls. However, this should not be your mindset. Even if it makes your space bigger, it does not feel right all the time. That is why experts are saying you should float your furniture. 

It means that you will find a central point in the room where you have furniture. From that point, surround it with the furniture you want to move around. Even if it is far from the walls, it is okay as long as you can balance everything out.  

Consider Your Colours

Although you want a pop of colour in a room, make sure that it still goes with everything in that room. You do not want to have a piece that seems off even if it is fun, colourful, or quirky. For example, if you have a plain-looking couch but have pastel walls, you can decorate the sofa with throw pillows with the same colour scheme as your walls.

Also, you should try putting at least three objects in the room that have the same colour. It can be a rug, a painting, and the curtains. That would make the room look more balanced.

Picking home decorations and pieces to put in different rooms of your house can be stressful. However, if you spend time finding the right pieces, it would be easier. So, keep these tips in mind the next time you plan a beautification project for your home.


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