The Advantage of a Custom-Made Shopify Theme Over a Pre-Made

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Which one is the better choice for an internet commerce business: adjusting a pre-made Shopify theme or building a completely custom one from scratch with the help of Shopify developers? In this article, we are going to talk about each choice for creating an e-store on the Shopify platform and what to have in mind before actually making that choice. 

Why Is the Way Your E-Commerce Store Is Built so Important? 

Although we’d like it not to be the case, just as we all judge the book by its cover and not by its content, the same happens with online stores. To be honest, in contrast to the books, that’s how it should be with online stores because what if not the looks should attract me enough to your eCommerce store instead to the tens of thousands of other shops so I’d do all my shopping at yours. 

Having a nice-looking online store will attract far more customers than you can imagine because people are all about looks and user experience. One will be making a grave error if one underestimates the power of a quality online store with great aesthetics, with a special touch on the user experience. 

As much as great aesthetics can attract more potential customers to your online store, if it’s the only thing done well on your online store, it won’t keep the customers on-site and translate potential customers to paying customers for sure.

To be more precise, it’s essential to focus on making your Shopify eCommerce store clean, easy to search, and intuitive for potential customers. The easiest way you’ll achieve the desired results with your online store is by creating a custom-made one by hiring one of the best Shopify theme developers. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pre-Made Shopify Theme

The Shopify theme store offers a wide variety of pre-packed Shopify templates developed by the best Shopify theme developers. There can be found both free-for-usage themes and premium ones that are paid to be used.  Moreover, a limited variety of businesses would benefit from such a store with a premade theme. 

To be more precise, you could use a pre-made Shopify theme for a temporary store or for some MVP testing. Although both the pre-made theme and the custom-made one are designed by some of the best Shopify theme developers, the second option would be the best choice. 

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a premade theme developed by some of the best Shopify theme developers. 

Advantages of a Premade Shopify Theme: 

  • It’s easy to use 
  • A rather affordable solution compared to a custom made theme
  • No coding skills are required

Disadvantages of a Premade Shopify Theme: 

  • Extremely limited and minimal functionalities
  • May require more apps or addons 
  • The custom dev can increase the cost 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Custom-Made Shopify Theme

The best Shopify theme developers will provide the fully customized Shopify solution in a relatively quick time frame. Nowadays, having a fantastic online store can be considered a part of the branding and will make customers separate your business from others. A better reason why the newly established brand would make a great decision is to choose a custom-made online store that will ultimately separate themselves from their competitors in the customers’ eyes. 

Those who plan on staying long-term on the online market and creating a unique brand for their business should be the ones to choose this fully customized online store solution. Having a whole theme built from scratch isn’t a simple job. That’s why it requires the magic hand of one of the best Shopify theme developers. 

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a custom-made theme developed by some of the best Shopify theme developers and see why they are so popular among business owners. 

Advantages of a Custom-Made Shopify Theme: 

  • Offers a much faster loading of the store than the premade theme
  • No functionality limitations
  • Clean code
  • The store is as optimized as it can be with no unnecessary apps

Disadvantages of a Custom-Made Shopify Theme: 

  • The investment may be higher 
  • It must be developed by some of the best Shopify theme developers
  • It may take a while until the store is live


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