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Creatine is one of the body’s energy-boosting elements. It is found in the muscles, naturally produced after it has been derived from glycine and arginine. The bulk of the body’s creatine stores are located in the muscles in a form known as phosphocreatine. The phosphocreatine is mainly an energy storage medium which in turn helps in the production of ATP. ATP is a high-energy molecule that is the primary source of energy. Having more ATP stores in your body results in your ability to give more during your exercise regimen. Boosting these ATP stores, therefore, requires the availability of more creatine stores in the body. To get the desired amounts, body-builders and fitness enthusiasts usually take creatine supplements as part of their workout nutrition.

There are many benefits to taking creatine supplements. The most significant advantage is the boosting of energy levels. Creatine improves your athletic performance so that you are better able to push your limits while having enough energy to carry you through a proper workout. Creatine is also a muscle-building aid. It can help to facilitate muscle growth both in the long and short term. In addition to energy and muscle, creatine also increases strength and power levels so that you can execute high-intensity exercises for more noticeable results.

With all the benefits of creatine supplements in mind, let us now turn to selection. Choosing a creatine supplement to add to your workout nutrition can be a daunting task. There is no shortage of options from which you can choose. We have a wide range of creatine in stock. To help make choosing more manageable, we have also put together this guide to have a clearer idea of what we have available and choose what you feel would suit your needs best.

Optimum Nutrition- Creatine Powder

Optimum Nutrition presents a pure and effective product meant to give you the most benefit for every serving you take.  This creatine supplement is formulated to have 5g of Creatine Monohydrate in every teaspoon. The teaspoon constitutes a full serving size. Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder can be taken on its own or added to a stack with other products, such as BCAAs and proteins. You are free to take creatine in the way you feel is best for your needs.

This product is not flavoured, so it can be added to other beverages if you so wish. With tubs large tubs weighing either 600g or 1.2kg, you are also guaranteed to have plenty of product per purchase.

Muscle Nation- Creatine Monohydrate

Newly introduced to the Muscle Nation brand, this creatine supplement is meant to meet your creatine supplement needs fully. Each serving contains 5g of pure creatine in an unflavoured powder that is best added to your pre or post-workout shake. Muscle Nation Creatine Monohydrate is recommended for daily use, whether you are actively training or not. Suggested amounts also differ, as women are asked to take 2.5g per serving, rather than the total 5g. It is also stackable and can be used safely with other supplements as needed.

BPI Sports- Micronised Creatine

BPI Sports takes creatine supplements to a new level by creating Micronised Creatine. It is still a 100% creatine powder product. In this case, its main distinction comes from micronising or shrinking the larger creatine molecules to a size that is about 20 times smaller than the original. Doing so is said to make the creatine a little more soluble, both in your drink and in your body. Micronised creatine is believed to have faster, better-optimised absorption into the body, making it more readily available when needed.

EFX Sports- Kre Alkalyn (Capsules)

This creatine supplement is for those who prefer a different intake medium. EFX Sports Kre Alkalyn creatine supplements are also offered in capsule form for those who would like to do nothing more than take a pill and get what you need from it while skipping the need for a shake or other beverage to act as a vehicle. EFX Sports uses a patented stabilisation process to create their Kre-Alkalyn line, thus offering a product with stable creatine molecules at the optimum PH level of 12.

EFX Sports Kre Alkalyn capsules contain enough creatine in each serving size of 2 tablets to meet your daily requirements. All you have to do is take your pills, and you are all set.

Body Ripped- Creatine Nitrate

Body Ripped Creatine Nitrate is particularly desirable as it is, in essence, a 2 in 1 product. Not only does it contain pure creatine in every scoop of powder, but it also has a Nitric Oxide (NO) booster. The booster heightens the benefits by improving cardiovascular health and giving bodybuilders more energy, strength, and performance ability. The NO boosts blood flow which may have a good effect on both muscle growth and recovery.

Finding creatine supplements does not have to be a process of making exhausting trips to numerous stores only to leave empty-handed. With our range of brands and formulations available in one convenient place, all you have to do is visit us and see if you find something you like.


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