Some Quick Tips to Ensure Your Backlit Displays Look Awesome


Due to the longevity and eye-catching appearance, the popularity of the backlit displays is growing more and more amongst business owners. Technological advancements have made backlit displays more affordable and portable. Business owners and marketers have realized that backlit films are not only easy to set up but also extremely capable of providing a higher ROI. 

However, keep in mind that there are different types of backlit booths available in the market. Even though all of them are effective, you should consider purchasing backlit films for your company. 

Despite the specific backlit display option you choose to go with, designing these eye-catching and illuminated traditional marketing options is not an easy task. In fact, the designing process is much harder. To ensure that the backlit films prove effective for your company, here are some important points you need to remember to ensure the look of the backlit films is appealing. 

Colors Change Slightly When They Are Backlit 

This is an important thing you need to keep in mind. As the colors change slightly when backlit, you will notice that they are slightly less vibrant when they have concentrated light behind them. If you choose dark colors, they will look darker. On the other hand, if you choose a faint design, it will look less attractive in backlit display. This is why you should not go for color matching while going through designing options for your backlit films. 

Vibrant colors will prove effective for back lit film as they will boost the natural vibrancy of the illumination. Unlike the other types of standard displays, the colors will become a little different when being used on backlit films. When you acknowledge this factor, you will be able to choose design as well as colors properly. 

Don’t Use Fringe Colors 

This is common mistake business owners and marketers make while designing their backlit films. CMYK and Pantone are considered fringe colors that you should avoid using while considering the designing of the backlit banners. As per Textile Today, CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. 

If you think that combining red with orange and pink will help your backlit films stand apart, you’re mistaken. You also need to avoid using a noticeable yellow or green-blue color. 

While printing the backlit films, stay away from the fringe colors even if they look perfect. This is because when implemented, you will notice that they aren’t as effective as you hoped they would. 

Pay Attention to the Contrast 

Just like other types of traditional marketing methods, contrast is also an important designing factor for backlit films. Contrast is something that will make the backlit films more appealing and eye-catching to the customers. 

While focusing on the design layout, make sure you consider different ways that will help you include dark tones as well as dark colors next to the light colors. This way they will be able to complement each other. The color difference will be negligible when the LED background is lit, making them look clean. 


These are some important tips you need to remember while designing your backlit films. Make sure you contact us and we will provide the perfect backlit displays for your business. 


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