Smart Home Essentials for Your Living Room

Living Room

With the headway in innovation and technology, we are moving towards a significantly organized energy-saving environment that has been made possible through smart network systems. The idea that smart technology is only designed to improve big corporations is entirely a farce; homes also can obtain comparable benefits from this vogue innovation. Two or three years back, smart systems were only taken as a style statement however today they have become the need of every household and office setup. They have made our homes smarter and our lives better. While smart homes are a way to ease our lives, they are also an immense source of energy conservation. 

Smart Home Technology is the idea of a home where the appliances and devices can be mechanized. In easier words, this innovation permits you to control you are the devices in your home from any place in the world. Through smart home technology, you can preserve energy, control appliances, and devices, manage home security, and have a personal assistant to act as you wish. 

Most smart home devices are managed through their web-based applications that can be installed on your smartphones, for additional convenience. With all devices being smart in this time and age, the main thing for their functioning is the internet. The internet is the main thing to keep up the usefulness of smart homes and in the event that you are hoping to transform your ‘home’ into a ‘smart home’, you should consider switching to a reliable and high-speed internet provider. For instance, you can check out Spectrum offers for super-fast internet speeds that start from 100 Mbps at the best rates without any data limitations or contracts whatsoever. Furthermore, Spectrum is famous for its 24/7, thorough, and quick-response customer support team that makes it even more credible among users. 

This article centers on the smart home essentials for your living room: 

Google Nest Mini: The best smart speaker

Google’s new smart speaker, Nest Mini is an improved variant of its archetype, the Google Home Mini. Google has upgraded the sound nature of the Nest Mini by giving its bass a touch more oomph. A motion identification technique has likewise been integrated with the system that decides the volume depending upon your distance from the device. 

Perhaps the best element of this smart speaker is the AI chip embedded inside the speaker that permits the Nest Mini to get familiar with the orders you give regularly. 

Google Nest Hub: the best smart display

Previously known as Home Hub, Google has re-imagined the idea of a smart display with its Nest Hub. You get every one of the highlights of Google Assistant that you get in the Home speaker but in addition, you get a display as well. The display gives you the perfect dose of visual interaction. All your voice orders are set to be shown on the screen letting you know that Google has heard you effectively. It can work faultlessly with Google-supported devices like smart home cameras and video doorbells and would stream the camera feed on screen.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini: the best smart plug

Smart plugs are the passageway point for anybody who is intrigued by smart home technology. The smart plugs are relatively inexpensive, easy to set up, and an easy concept to step into home automation.

TP-Link’s Kasa Mini incorporates a solitary outlet interfacing your home network by means of the internet. Besides, its web-based application has a simple UI and allows you to control the plug from any place in the world. You can also manage the smart plug on a schedule. Another significant element is its compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Philips Hue White LED: the best smart light 

Philips has an extensive horizontal and vertical product catalog and in this classification, Philips offers A19 bulbs, light strips, floodlights, outdoor lights, and fixtures. This immense range of lights allows you to acquire the entire lighting catalog for your home. One more point in its favor is that Philips upholds Apple, Amazon, and Google’s voice partners. 

Even though the Hue product catalog features lights in every color, most of the customers buy the standard white lights. The Hue bulbs can be managed through a web-based application that can be operated through your smartphone. You can switch the light on or off through the app with utmost ease.

Ecobee SmartThermostat: the Best Smart Thermostat 

A wireless indoor regulator, Ecobee’s SmartThermostat, permits you to deal with your home’s heating and cooling framework with its web-based application or through voice commands. 

The smart thermostat has an embedded temperature sensor that assists it with reading the temperature of the room and change it when needed. Moreover, Ecobee SmartThermostat is extra beneficial as it can also be used as a smart speaker; it works effectively as an extender for Alexa however, we do not suggest it for streaming music. 

Nest Protect: the Smart Smoke Detector 

In contrast to standard smoke alarms, a smart smoke alarm will caution you on your smartphone whenever you are not around to limit the odds of a disaster. What’s more, it additionally tests its usefulness often and shows an indicative report to you. You can turn off the detector for bogus cautions, with the assistance of its web-based application. 

Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm that works with a battery. It is the most solid choice in this category. Nest Protect cautions you with smartphone notices and voice signals before the alert shrills. It likewise consolidates a night-light mode and self-check feature. 

iRobot Roomba: The Best smart cleaner 

One of the main smart home gadgets and still truly outstanding, iRobot Roomba is a programmed vacuum that cleans tile, vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, carpet, and laminate with the push of a button. Also, your availability is not necessary for it to work and you can even schedule vacuuming. 

iRobot Roomba learns your cleaning patterns to customize your cleaning routine as per your choice and schedules. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The in-built dirt sensors alert the device about the dirty areas around the home making the cleaning more effective and efficient. Moreover, it has an automatic charging system so that you do not need to worry for a second.

The Last Word

Change is the only constant in life and so it is time for you to change your life for the better. Include smart home technology in your homes to help yourself with your fast-paced lifestyle. We have just recorded the smart home essentials for your living room in this article, however, thousands of other smart home devices can make your life easier too. 


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