Schizophrenia and alcoholism – why you need to attend a dual diagnosis treatment center

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If you are trying to seek treatment from a reputable rehab facility for your substance abuse concern, then you need to make sure you choose a location that has your best interest at heart. For some patients, you need to focus on more than just substance abuse or alcoholism – if you’re asking yourself why you act a certain way, what is causing you to use substances, and why you have personality changes throughout the day, you might have another issue at play. In this case, you could be dealing with a dual diagnosis treatment.

A dual diagnosis is not the end of the world – it simply means that you need some extra help when it comes to seeking treatment or your mental illness and your substance abuse issue. Oftentimes, we see substance abuse spurs on mental illness – and vise versa. You may not consciously be making these decisions, but your mental illness can be causing you to make rash and irrational decisions that are harmful to your health.

Avoid your dual diagnosis from taking over your life by attending a dual diagnosis treatment center to treat your schizophrenia and alcoholism – find out more here!

Attend a dual diagnosis treatment center for comprehensive help!

First thing’s first – what is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a type of mental disorder and set of symptoms that typically refers to an individual who has lost touch with what is really going on in life due to changes in chemicals within the brain. Due to chemical imbalances, the affected individual will often see an alternate reality, see people who are not there, hear voices, and have auditory and sensory hallucinations that can cause them to interact with things that are not really there. Since schizophrenia can be scary, overwhelming, and confusing for the individual, seeking treatment is key to leading a normal life. 

Oftentimes, those with schizophrenia will have to undergo therapy, treatment, and take medication to live a normal life. However, keep this in mind – it is VERY possible to lead a normal life with schizophrenia! You just had to have the right type of treatment, therapy, and counseling to keep the symptoms at bay and focus on reality.

One of the best ways that you can lead a normal life once more is by attending a dual diagnosis treatment center if you have schizophrenia – and you find that you are bordering on alcoholism – this is a potentially deadly and very dangerous combination. Help fight both illnesses by attending a dual diagnosis treatment center that can help diagnose and treat your mental illness, along with providing you with medication and coping skills for your addiction.


If you have a dual diagnosis of schizophrenia and alcoholism, you need to attend a dual diagnosis treatment center so you can avoid this illness from taking over your life. Make sure you address any untreated mental illnesses so you can undergo a comprehensive treatment plan at a reputable dual diagnosis treatment center to help you lead a sober and healthy life. 


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