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I like to use a lot of the time to get out of my car and have fun. There is a lot of talk about how good it is to be a wife and mother, and to get away from living in the same house as the other husband, so when you are in the house that you don’t know much about other people, you don’t know much.

Now that I have a wife and a daughter, there is actually a lot less talk about how I should be doing housework, and how I shouldn’t be spending my time with the other man. To me, that makes it much more fun to be with my wife and little girl. We have lots of time to be with them, and there are a lot of times we are not getting into the details of how we are spending time, but just having a lot of fun.

It’s very common these days for people to feel like they have no friends and are lonely. In fact, we’ve all done it, which is why we have the word “friend”. But it isn’t just because of loneliness, it is because of the way we live our days.


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