ping transmit failed general failure

What this means is that ping is completely unable to transmit the signal. You may have to reboot your phone in order to get it to work again.

This may be because the network has gone down. I would have to reboot my computer in order to get ping to work again.

Ping is an Internet service that allows you to communicate with other computers over a network. A network is basically a bunch of computers that communicate with each other. If your network goes down (and it’s likely to do so soon), you won’t be able to communicate with other computers. You can try to communicate with other networks by sending an email or even a fax or by using the dial-up modem that most people have. If the network goes down, ping will be useless.

So for a while this problem was something we were really worried about. However, it turns out that you can actually get it fixed. We were told that it was quite a complicated problem, and that if you were able to get it working you would see ping working again.

So in the latest version of ping, we were told that it was a general failure, with the only fix being to reboot the computer. However, we were told that this was not possible if the computer was running Vista or XP. The only way we found that you could fix this problem is to restore the original Windows XP SP2 (the first version of XP that shipped with the laptop) and the original Windows Vista.

So basically, after being told that it was a general failure, we were told that there was no fix for this. It’s a bit like telling you to get an AC compressor and you are told that you can’t fix an AC compressor. It’s a bit like saying that your car only has a gas cap and you are told that if you put the gas cap back into the car all the gas will leak out.

That’s a fair point. The Windows XP SP2 and Vista have been out for a while now. The problem is that a lot of the software updates for those two operating systems only include the fix for this problem. So many of the Windows updates were specifically built to fix this bug. Microsoft has been very quiet about this and it’s making people really want to get this fix.

This problem was already patched in Windows XP SP3 and Vista SP2 but not updated in Windows 7 SP1. You can ask for a software update by going to the update section on the Microsoft website. Its like getting a new car and going to the dealership to show the mechanic the car. The mechanic probably doesn’t know what they are talking about and the customer probably doesn’t know that it is a new car.

Its hard to find someone who is knowledgeable about Windows networking because there are so many different versions out there. We have three ways to do a ping in Windows 7.

One of them is the built-in ping function and it works on Windows XP and Vista. The other two are to use the pinging program in Windows 7, and both have a few limitations. The built-in ping is limited to a maximum of ten packets at a time and has a maximum packet size of eight kilobytes. It does not work with a router with a DHCP-assigned IP address.

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