New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Helps People Come Out of “Cocaine World”

Drug Rehab Center

How cocaine affects you depends on your overall health, body size and weight, and age. How often you take it and how you take it also matter. And don’t forget the purity of cocaine. Pure cocaine has more intense effects than impure. Cocaine laced with fentanyl can be deadlier. 

How to recognize a cocaine addict? 

According to New Jersey drug rehab specialists, it is easy to recognize a cocaine addict. They usually appear abnormally energetic, happy, agitated, and in some “other world.” They are oblivious of their surroundings. 

If you look into their eyes, you would find their pupils enlarged. They may also be breathing fast. Put a hand on their chest and you would find their heart beating fast. 

People who take cocaine in high doses may develop high body temperature. They may sweat more than they normally do. 

The unreal world of cocaine

Cocaine detaches you from reality. It makes you conjure up a world of your own that is different from the real world. In this new world, you feel on cloud nine, have no worries and inhibitions, and don’t want to take responsibility. You simply wish to stay in this world forever. 

The more you take cocaine, the more you feel like this. This can be scary, not only for you but also for your family. They start losing the real you. And you are not aware of your own self. 

That’s the reason you need an exclusive and intensive withdrawal and addiction treatment when you are into cocaine. It is impossible to go off cocaine on your own. 

The first use of cocaine by humankind 

As per historic reports, the first use of cocaine dates back to 3000 years before BC by the ancient Incas who resided in mountains. Surviving in the thin air of the mountains required fast breathing and a fast heart rate to survive. The Incas found that chewing the leaves of the coca plant fulfilled their requirements. 

Cocaine in coca-cola! 

Do you know coca-cola contained cocaine when it was introduced in the market? John Pemberton, in 1886, used coca leaves in the coca-cola recipe. This was the secret behind the euphoric and energizing effects that users felt after drinking the soft drink. 

However, when the dangers of cocaine came to light cocaine was removed as one of the ingredients of coca-cola in 1903. 

The coca-cola that you drink today has no cocaine. 

Withdrawing from cocaine 

Cocaine grips your mind. It re-wires the brain. It’s a challenge to withdraw from cocaine. Yet, with appropriate therapy and rehab programs, you can go off this dangerous drug successfully. 

A desire to quit cocaine is essential. However, in the case of severe addiction, the addict may have no desire to quit. In this case, too, it is possible to help the addict through expert intervention. This can be a bit more challenging, but not impossible. 
Doing nothing about the addiction is wrong. Many people lose hope thinking that now a person is an addict and nothing can be done. This is not true. Cocaine treatment is available. Please seek professional help.


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