Looking at new Austin homes for sale? Check out these houses under $2 million on the market right now!


If you are considering moving to Texas, you might be wondering where you should move – should you check out Austin or should you move to Dallas? Do you like Houston or would you rather move to another quieter suburban community? If you want the best of both worlds, we recommend checking out Austin homes for sale!

The neighborhoods in Austin range from family-friendly areas that are in the suburbs of the city to downtown high-rise apartment complexes. For those who want some diversity and the ability to choose whatever type of residence they want, Austin is the place to look.

Let’s check out the best Austin homes for sale, especially from Bramlett Residential, that are on the market right NOW to give you some inspiration! 

Austin homes for sale on the market right NOW! 

Are you on the move to Texas? If so, there are many neighborhoods that are currently hot on the market right now! Avoid spending the majority of your income on a home that is millions of dollars – instead, you can purchase the perfect house for you and your family without breaking the bank. Let’s check out these affordable and beautiful houses for your next move! 

Orange Blossom way

This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, and 1,410 square foot home is a great deal for what you are getting! Priced at just $345,900, this affordable house contains beautiful exterior brick, tan accents, a massive garage, a bright wand, big windows, and yard space. In the Spring Meadows neighborhood – known for being safe and outdoor-friendly – you will enjoy the location, along with the open floor plan, wood-burning fireplace, gas stove, walk-in closets, and ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom! 

Loweswater Lane

This 3-bedroom, 3 bathroom, and 1,808 square foot house is priced for just $300,000 – and is a great deal! The estimated payment for this house comes out around $1,646 per month for you to end up owning this house that is less than 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Austin. With a large dining room, natural light, wooden cabinets, bartop kitchen seating, fireplace, wood floors and two guest bedrooms this house has it all! 

Belzer Drive

This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, and 2,736 square foot house also contains a massive 5,000 square foot lot for your kids to play in! A single-family home that is approximately $189 per square foot, this house is ideal for families who are browsing Austin homes for sale. Check out this house if you want a large kitchen and dining area, modern kitchen features, modern appliances, massive master suite, walk-in shower, new flooring, and outdoor pool and playground in the community!  


As you can see, there are many Austin homes for sale that are affordable and less than $2 million on the market right now! You can purchase a multi-bedroom and multi-story house that is within your price average and is located in some of the best neighborhoods in the entire state. Check out the Austin home for sale during the hunt for your next forever house!


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