Amazing Facts About Know About Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Ben Shapiro's sister

Ben Shapiro, 36 has been in controversy owing for his political comments. He is an editor-in-chief of an American conservative news website namely The Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro’s sister took to center stage after she started with Opera singing and her mark on YouTube channel started to reach heights. After just reaching an early age of 17, he has showcased his proven skills as a syndicated columnist in the United States and has been gathering controversies with his statements.

The proven example of how his controversies took to center stage could be gauged from the fact that of late Cardi B has criticized and mocked Ben for the fact that he recited and condemned the explicit lyrics to her “WAP”

Who is Ben Shapiro’s sister?

Abigail Shapiro is the sister of Ben as the siblings have close relationship. 

Key points about Ben Shapiro’s sister

  • Abigail is associated with a beautiful Opera Voice
  • Besides being a You Tuber, Abigail Shapiro is also a popular opera singer. The name of her channel is “Classically Abby” with over 53.5k subscribers. 
  • Abigail goes to follow her brother and the same can be reflected on the way her videos talked about being in close proximity of the conservative party.
  • Abigail also posted a video of her singing National Anthem and posting the same on her YouTube channel where she understandably shows her patriotic side as she celebrates the patriotic week. 

Life Ben Shapiro’s sister

There has been a recent video of her uploaded on YouTube, where Abigail can be seen ranting about Taylor Swift. She has also claimed, she was a huge fan of him before, Taylor became an ‘SJW’. Abi clarified that through the acronym she meant ‘social justice warrior’.  

This angered the fan of Taylor Swift who had posted hate comments on the video even as Abigail gave the statement, that she has stopped being his fan anymore. 

It seems that Abigail has to pay a price for being associated as a sister of a high profile public figure. Yes, she has been subjected to online anti-Semitic trolling due to the same. 

Abigail Shapiro is a younger sister of Ben Shapiro. She has moved forward on the shoes of her brother where she put forth her view points. She has popularized herself as #conservativeinfluencer, she is popularly known as “Classically Abby” on social media. She has popularly been showcasing her skills right with opera singing as well as social commentary. 

Considering unabated comments and opinion which Ben Shapiro has on social, political and cultural issues, his family has been a target of backlash. There have been instances of multiple instances of various relatives who have been victim of hateful trolling. 

Like a true sister, who is always there for her brother, Abigail shows how much she stands for her brother and his views. However, on the same lines, there seems to be family rivalry where Shapiro’s cousin actress Mara Wilson blocked Ben from social media, but like a blood relation, Abigail can be often seen gathering loads of criticism by supporting Ben


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