How to make a gaming video entertaining

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Without a doubt, gaming videos are fun to create and watch. Right? And that is why the market of gamers on YouTube is increasing rapidly. The sudden rise in gaming videos online supports the argument that creating gaming videos on YouTube is a creative, entertaining, and exciting way to make money. However, one should not forget that with great opportunities comes great competition, and with great competition comes the need to be dynamic and creative. Hence, every creator on YouTube needs to think about how they can make their videos even more entertaining. 

Gaming is not just about playing and taking part in it. People nowadays like to watch an excellent gamer show off his skills on camera. Demographics of gaming is changing too, with outstanding contribution from female gamers. No one wants to be a noob in the gaming world. As the level of competition rises, every creator wants and tries to be more entertaining. You don’t have to be born a comedian to entertain your audience; you can be good by keeping in mind the following tips we suggest. 

Be yourself:

The best advice for the gaming community by the gaming community is to stop faking. Speak what you feel while playing a game. Also, if you have company, it will help you make it interesting for the audience with your banter about the game or anything funny. What works nowadays is gamers talking excitedly and responding to fan comments in the live chat while playing. It not only encourages them to stay tuned to what you have to say but also makes them feel connected and appreciated. You can also talk about the general things happening in your surroundings and present your views.

Make it funny

If you stream your game live on YouTube, try to be funny. Don’t hesitate, just be free and speak what you think is funny. However, you should never say anything that your audience might find inappropriate. To understand how to engage the audience by being funny, watch established gamers and streamers. You will automatically learn the trick along the way. For recorded videos, use online video editors to add humorous elements like popular memes and dialogues to your videos. Also, adding funny music or sound effects can get you many views and keep your audience engaged.

Break your records

Your online gaming strength is displayed every time you break your records. It works best for the games that require speed and presence of mind, such as Unfair Mario. As you and the game accelerate the speed, it becomes the ultimate thrill for a viewer. The best part about this genre is that you will never fall short of ideas. Your entire channel can be about breaking your records. 

For playing these videos, you must play a game that has many levels and is fairly difficult. These kinds of games stimulate the interest of viewers and also motivate a gamer to keep playing. 

Review New Games

The best part about reviewing games is killing two birds with one stone. The first benefit you get is knowing if the game is worth playing or not. Secondly, it will never let you fall short of content because a new game is entering the business every day. Along with reviewing a new game, you can also make walkthrough YouTube video tutorials for your audience. It is the best way to attract those viewers who want to learn to play that game and need tutorials. It will make your gaming video entertaining and engaging. 

Live streams 

YouTube live streams have become extremely popular in recent times and also will let you directly connect with your audience. Not only that, it is an ultimate source of earning as well. However, make sure not to do anything in the live stream that you do not want to follow you forever. Always bear in mind that live streaming does not offer you the scope of editing it later on. However, you can post some highlights after the game is over with editing. Live streams are a great genre because they provide a bundle of quality content that you can post fully or in many parts live streams. 

Some prerequisites for creating an entertaining gaming video:

  1. Lighting: Lack of proper lighting can negatively affect the gaming experience for you and your viewers. 
  2. Screen and Camera Recorder: Screen recording is the essence of gaming videos and live streams. While posting your recorded screen, make sure your face is visible to your audience with a webcam. It is ideal to ensure that your face window is in the corner and not disturb the gaming experience for your audience. 
  3. Great editing software: A prerequisite of a great gaming video is a great games video editor. You can find plenty of editors online that make it easier and hassle-free for you to edit a video.
  4. Headphones and microphones: A good quality headphone and microphone is a must-have. For a gaming video and live stream, your viewers must be able to hear you clearly. 

Gaming videos are one of the most enjoyable and lovable genres nowadays. Every passing day adds dozens of viewers to the list of gaming video watchers. The above-mentioned tricks can help you ace your gaming video strategy and win more watchers. However, the gaming field demands you to be highly entertaining, creative, and dynamic. And hence, you should never limit yourself to the tricks mentioned above and keep trying new things. The only rule here is there are no rules. 

Nevertheless, we must mention that you should never do anything that can haunt you in the long run. Keep a clear understanding of your audience and your words. Well, everything else is cool, and so must your gaming channel on YouTube. Keep playing, keep entertaining and keep trying cool new stuff. 


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