How to Identify High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities


Ideally, you should focus on guest blogging opportunities that relate to your industry, niche, or target audience. The blog must have a strong content distribution strategy, have a similar audience, and rank highly for relevant industry keywords. SEM Rush and Monitor Backlinks are great tools to analyze the backlink portfolio of potential guest bloggers. Here are some tips to help you identify high quality guest post sites opportunities:

Images help differentiate you from SEO spammers

Image-rich content has a higher perceived value, and will help you stand out from SEO spammers. Images and contextual videos are great ways to enhance the quality of your guest blogging opportunities. Moreover, high-quality visual content will not be considered spammy SEO content. Content marketers who plan to use guest blogging for SEO purposes should align it with their existing content to incorporate contextual links to their own websites.

Quality guest posting opportunities are harder to find than SEO spam. Quality guest posts have high social signals and are accompanied by a bio and profile picture. The author of the post should be a real person, not an anonymous robot. The quality of a guest post is an important criterion for acceptance. If an author’s post is poorly written and lacks insight, it is not worth the space. In addition, most links in guest posts lead to spammy affiliate websites. While blatant link spam can be easily detected, a subtle form of link spam may sneak through the cracks. The author might use keyword-rich links, duplicate content or the same content throughout a series of articles.

Align your posts to the blogger’s audience

To find high-quality guest blogging opportunities, align your posts to the audience of the blogger. To do this, create a profile and color-code your posts according to the blog’s audience. Make sure you follow up on comments to build connections. You should also use tools such as Schedule and Asana to manage your blogging commitments. You can also set up a tracking system using Google Analytics.

You can identify high-quality guest blogging opportunities by identifying blogs with a large audience. Look for blogs with RSS feeds and other features that can help you promote your content. Remember, a guest post must provide value to the blogger and his/her audience. While this may seem like common sense, make sure your posts do not lose their authenticity. Guest posts should be authentic and relevant to the audience.

Pitch the same article that you already promised to the first blogger

One of the best ways to identify high-quality guest blogging opportunities is to follow the guidelines set by the blog you are interested in. Once you have identified a handful of potential blogs, it is time to pitch the articles. Begin by brainstorming article ideas. Always be sure to follow the guidelines set by the blog’s editors and writers. Don’t pitch the same article that you already promised to the first blogger.

Don’t limit yourself to the most popular blogs. There are plenty of lesser-known blogs with high-quality content. Pitch the same article that you promised to the first blogger, but be prepared for a rejection. While it’s tempting to simply copy-paste articles, this is likely to get you into trouble. Thankfully, some publishing companies have legal budgets that they can spend on defending your rights.

Follow up with emails if you don’t hear from the blogger

Having said that, there is a way to ensure you follow up with emails if you don’t receive a response to your first request. In order to make it more effective, you should always remember that your contact may be swamped with guest post requests. Some guest blogging opportunities, like Hub Spot, state outright that they receive far too many. Others, like Startup Grind, don’t even accept guest posts after seven days. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to follow up with email after email, as long as you send it in a timely manner. Keep in mind that most guest bloggers don’t get back to their inboxes on weekends, so follow up after five days. If you don’t hear back from them after seven days, follow up again at least one week later.

When pursuing high-quality guest blogging opportunities, you must ensure you find the right target blogs and send out the right ideas. This way, you will ensure your posts will be of high-quality and relevant to the target blogs. Remember to be bespoke, so that your guest posts can be read and appreciated by your target audience. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, you can search the internet for free or inexpensive guest blogging opportunities.

Promote a guest blogger

If you want to boost your SEO and increase your visibility, you should take advantage of the many benefits of high-quality guest blogging. Your site will gain more visibility and domain authority, and more people will read your posts, thus increasing your sales. Guest posting is also a good way to generate backlinks and introduce your brand to new audiences. But how do you promote a guest blogging opportunity? It can be challenging to create an email that stands out in a crowded inbox. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the opportunity.


First, select a guest posting services opportunity. Remember to choose blogs with a high Domain Authority, as these will generate more SEO impact from your backlinks. Another important factor to consider is the number of monthly visitors of the blog you are pitching. You can search for high-quality blogs using Google search operators. To make your guest posting opportunity stand out from the crowd, choose a high-quality blog with a high Domain Authority.


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