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Air Jordan is a well-known brand of basketball shoes owned by Nike. Apart from shoes, they have athletic, informal, and style clothing in their product line. The first Air Jordan sneakers were made for legendary basketball player Michael Jordan at the end of 1984 when he was in the Chicago Bulls. So, Nike signed a unique agreement with Michael Jordan to produce his line of shoes. Then the sneakers were available to the people on April 1, 1985.

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Now Air Jordan has become a big brand of shoes, and this occurred only because of Jordan. He is the most celebrated basketball player of all time; he had supported in familiarizing the NBA globally in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan was the prime player in the NBA to be connected to a product from the time he entered. So it’s a tremendous achievement for this legendary basketball player. 

Air Jordan has come a long way, the brand now has over 32 versions of the shoe, and plenty of them are also re-release on multiple occasions. This is because the sneakers go out of stock quickly and are even resold online to sneaker collectors. After Michael Jordan, there have been numerous NBA players who got their custom-designed shoes. These are the most popular players: Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry. But the truth is that no player has succeeded in matching the legacy or sales profit of the Air Jordan brand. One of the famous collections of Air Jordan shoes is the Jordan 15, which people still wear. In this article, we will describe to you this collection of Air Jordan. Just keep reading and don’t miss anything:

Jordan 15

Jordan 15 is a famous shoe collection of the Air Jordan brand. It first entered the market back in 1999–2000. It was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who is a designer of many Nike athletic shoes. Jordan 15 is the first shoe after the second retirement of Michael Jordan. After his retirement, everyone started thinking about the future of the Air Jordan line; some believed that its end was near. The good thing is that the brand continues its operation. Nike thought that Air Jordan shoes would still sell even if Jordan didn’t wear them himself. Then Nike keeps this thing in mind and just launched a new member to the Air Jordan family, Jordan 15. The collection of Jordan 15 was successful. But the shoe never received the reputation of being worn by Jordan to score and win. 

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This shoe has a hidden quick lace system, dynamic fit sleeve, Kevlar mesh uppers, and Zoom Air sole. Also, it has 23/6/15 written on its heels; the numbers are expected to bring Michael Jordan fans by giving tribute to his accomplishments. Also, its design is influenced by the aircraft prototype X-15, which NASA produced during the 1950s. The sides of the shoes were made from woven kevlar fiber. The shoe was even retro-ed in 2016–2017. Reggie Miller used Jordan 15 throughout the 2000 NBA Finals. So far, three types of Jordan 15 that Nike launched. If you want to know more about it, so keep reading and don’t miss anything:

Air Jordan 15

The Air Jordan 15 was released in late 1999 in the market. Nike released its total of six colorways: Black/Varsity Red, Obsidian/White/Metallic Silver, Flint Grey/White, White/Midnight Navy, White/Dark Pine, and White/Columbia Blue. The cost of all items is $150. When Michael Jordan retired, Air Jordan had the opportunity to explore colorways. This shoe highlights a mix of leather, Kevlar mesh, and Zoom Air. It is also simple to keep clean, mainly if you often go for black colorways. The soles and leather panels covering the shoe make them excellent for use in the rain or beating through the mud. 

The traction on this shoe plays excellent even in dire court circumstances. The materials on the upper are also superior. They move with the feet and are strong. The shoe goes true to size and fits, especially significant from the forefoot to the midfoot. Also, earlier, many people stated that Air Jordan 15 was a rip-off of a Prada shoe when it’s about the red stripe at the back of the shoe.

Jordan 15 Retro

Jordan 15 was retro-ed in 2007, 2008, and 2016–2017. When the shoes were retroed in 2017, they are delivered in Black/Varsity Red with an Anthracite Jumpman and Obsidian/White with a Metallic Silver Jumpman. The look of the Jordan 15 Retro is influenced by the fighter jet.

It also serves as the final design in Tinker Hatfield’s initial run operating on the signature line. The great thing about the Jordan 15 Retro is that its cushioning is very convenient. Also, the stuff on the upper feels excellent, as per the wearers. They move with the foot and are tough. The materials used for making it are fascinating; it has woven fabric. These shoes are suitable for everyone; their lacing system lets various foot shapes wear the shoe conveniently. 

This retro version is one of the Air Jordan brand shoes that the legendary Michael Jordan never wears on an NBA court. So Jordan 15 Retro is also the best choice to add to your sneaker collection. 


So Jordan 15 is a performance basketball shoe. It’s a great option if you are looking for a durable and stylish shoe. The thing that makes these shoes great is that the aircraft X-15 inspires them. Its traction also works well in all circumstances. In addition, the cushioning is much more comfortable than its previous versions; this is why Jordan 15 gives a joyful and well-balanced ride to the wearer.

The materials used to make Jordan 15 are flexible, lightweight, and breathable. It is true that Jordan 15 stealth on feet. Overall, the Jordan 15 is a great performer and one of the best Air Jordan. The brand of Air Jordan is great for basketball shoes and is well known in the sneaker industry. So you can purchase your pair of Jordan 15 now. 

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