gds result date for tamilnadu 2019

Since Tamilnadu is a holiday season that ends in May, we know every day of May is a great time to take a gds. We can usually say that we are very, very excited about the gds, but sometimes we’d rather we wait until the end of the month to see the date. I’ve gone on a gds a couple times.

I was on the last gds, but I thought I may have gotten it wrong this time. I was watching the Tamilnadu news channel and saw the date. It was May 17th 2018, and I think I saw it wrong. So I’m sure I will be back next time and check it out.

On May 17th, 2019, there was an earthquake in India and the Tamil Nadu earthquake happened. In this part of the world, most of the people died due to the earthquake. The earthquake also caused the death of many people.

The earthquake in India was a big deal. It was a magnitude 9.0 and its epicentre in Tamil Nadu was at a depth of 7km and had a magnitude of 7.5. Most of the deaths were from falling rocks and landslides, and some people died due to broken arms and legs. The death rate was high, and people were being kept alive only by the use of oxygen tanks. It was the worst earthquake in India’s history.

I guess it is a good thing, since the impact of the earthquake on the people in India was probably pretty much the same as the impact of the earthquake in the US.

This earthquake was also felt in parts of the US, although the people were far away from the epicenter. The death toll and the extent of the damage were very similar, although far worse than the Indian quake. This is because the Indian earthquake has a magnitude of 7.0, whereas the US earthquake has a magnitude of 9.0.

In India, the death toll was just over 12 and the damage was reported to be more than 100,000. However, many people from India are still missing, and so the death toll may actually be far higher. The Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where the quake took place, reported an average of 7.6 deaths per day from the earthquake. In the US, the death toll was about 13 and the damage was over 30.

The US death toll may actually be much higher because according to the USGS, the quake was a magnitude 7.0 and it took place in a very densely populated area. With so many people having died in the two countries, the death toll may actually be significantly higher.

The news is still coming in, but it seems that the death toll is actually much higher than the USGS, which I think is a good thing.

The death toll is definitely higher than the USGS, but that’s not what I meant when I said that the deaths may actually be much higher. I mean, as I was saying, the USGS doesn’t even include any deaths from the earthquake in their estimate of death toll. The death toll is more or less on par with the death toll from a quake in Japan. But I don’t think that’s actually a good thing either.

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