Everything You Need to Know About the SLES

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High school can be a stepping off point for all individuals and hound adults who will now explore the real world and everything it has to offer. The school leaver employment support helps students face the obstacles and setbacks that they will encounter once they leave school. Commonly known in Australia as the SLES, it is eligible for all the students with the NDIS board of the country. 

What Is SLES?

The school leaver employment support is a plan that aims to support all the students that are graduating year 12 of their high school. Specific training and curriculum help the students, most of them aged 16 to 19 years old, build a foundation of a specific skill set to experience some of the real-life challenges and learn valuable skills. Valid for a maximum of two years, the SLES focus on employment improvement learning and includes activities like:

  • Assistance for participants to find opportunities that boost work experience. 
  • Proper education of certain skills and help students learn the different requirements and eligibility. 
  • Impart fundamentals for real-life scenarios like time management, basic finance, communication and public conduct.
  • Providing access to various programs to further education based on university academics. 
  • Additional support through tutorials or coaching to help with studies or finish classes. 
  • Authorised visits to workplaces and other areas of employment. 
  • Learning basic monetary management and driving.
  • Basic skills of mathematics and statistics 
  • Basic fitness regime to keep the student job-ready. 
  • Encouragement of social activities to build independence.

The Aims and Working of The SLES

Being part of such a helpful organisation means being up-to-date with the various student body associations and employment centres for prospective students. Take a look at the different aims of the SLES in the country: 

  1. Provide support for a solid employment opportunity for school leavers. 
  2. Help build the necessary skills for better handling of future opportunities.
  3. Enhance confidence in students and build aspiration for independence and career goals. 
  4. Partner with high school associations for strengthening the bond between students and community heads.
  5. Find employers who understand the significance of the SLES and provide value. 
  6. Remind the school leavers regarding their choices to make and shape their own decisions for their future. 

Funds are available for participants who can get a maximum amount of 21000 dollars, provided the money is used in the context of furthering prospects. The money can also be utilised to enhance work experience, training courses, and travel expenses for jobs. Proper coordination must be maintained between employers, students as well as the respective heads of various sectors. 

Young people with disabilities are prone to face a much higher level of discomfort compared to other students. But with the SLES, there is nothing to worry about! Australia’s NDIS and SLES are all aimed at finding jobs for such students to have their sense of independence. Having a job can be highly beneficial for building a secure financial foundation and, at the same time, will help the student expand their social life by connecting with people and making new friends. Helping students overcome the obstacles that come with the transition from school life to graduation, the school leaver employment support will be the stepping stone for the young students to meet the challenges and live a normal life!


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