Are Artificial Christmas Trees Worth the Hype?


There is no doubt that global warming is something that should concern all of us. The world is getting drier and there is need to conserve as many trees as possible. This situation has caused many people and families to forego the traditional Christmas tree in favor of the artificial ones. They all look the same but there are some differences that you should know before you purchase one. 

For starters, artificial Christmas trees don’t shed and this is actually good for you. Older trees tend to shed more and unless you clean often, then you will have an untidy Christmas setup. The other advantage of an artificial Christmas tree is that they are always available and don’t rely on any season for them to be at the right height. You can therefore buy your faux tree at any time of the year and simply put it in storage. 

Tips To Picking An Ideal Faux Christmas Tree

The first factor to consider is the size of the tree you want. With size, you also need to put in mind the extent and weight of the decorations you intend to put. Luckily, faux Christmas trees tend to be sturdier than normal ones and they come in a variety of sizes to ensure you have a choice. So, select a size that will go well with your overall house design, the theme of your decorations and the size of your storage once the holidays are over. 

Making Your Faux Tree Look Real

Having a faux Christmas tree is not ideal for some people and so they may want to conceal the fact that it’s a fake or simply want to make it appear real so that it doesn’t look bad on pictures. Since there are many options in the market, you can consider a tree with more needles as this will obscure the pole which will definitely look artificial. 

Some PVC and pre lit Christmas tree are better than others and therefore when buying your faux tree make sure it has the best quality PVC material because this would mean it won’t fade or start sagging early. The color of the faux tree is very important and it shouldn’t be too green that it looks artificial from the onset. Instead, choose a tree that has shades that mimic a live tree and you will have made the right choice.

Check for Posture of Your Tree

Not all faux trees are new and in some instances you might be forced to use a used tree. This is okay since they are way cheaper than new ones, however, they are prone to bending and sagging when too much weight is placed on them. Make sure you stress test the tree before you walk out of the store. Also ensure you don’t place heavy Christmas lights or ones that emit too much heat. Heat may discolor the PVC and make your tree look unsightly. Ensure you plan your decorations first before buying faux trees. 


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