All You Need To Know About KuCoin Community (Social Media Platforms)

KuCoin Community

KuCoin Exchange’s other name is People’s Exchange. It is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange for many computerized assets and cryptocurrencies. Kucoin exchange has a vision that globally, everyone will use crypto. Thus KuCoin Exchange started in 2017; with hard work and dedication, it grew with time. KuCoin has set up 23 local companies in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other territories offering outstanding facilities to its customers.  

Get Knowledge About Kucoin Community Chain

KuCoin Community Chain is a standard blockchain being expanded by the KuCoin company. It accepts intense contesting from other victorious exchange-connected blockchains like Binance’s BNB Chain, OKEX’s OKC Chain,’s Cronos Chain, BitCoin Exchange, and many more. But what made it different from the other chains is that the community runs it, disparate from many other exchange-connected blockchains handled by a centralized exchange. Another factor that contributes to the fact that KCC is best than others is the low process charges. Thus this is the reasonable blockchains. The average process charge is approximately around $0.01. Therefore according to it, the average Ethereum process charges roughly $1.5. The SOL price on KCC is $ 0.0096292 per (KCCM / USD), and the SHIB price is (SHIB/KCS). $0.0000185027. Another factor is its flow rate; in 3 seconds block time, KCC has like to BNB Chain. Due to this, the average proceeding achieves finality within 3 seconds. Thus making the transaction better than Ethereum, and that too four times. 

Let’s Learn About D Apps On Kucoin Community Chain  

Before we move ahead with whether D Apps are available on KuCOin, let’s understand the term D Apps. D Apps are short forms of Decentralized applications. These applications are digital applications that run on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer. And KuCoin community provides these D Apps. One of the few is  MojitoSwap. It allows the customers to computerize business assets and give cash flow to gross submitted through trading fees.

Furthermore, customers can support their MojitoSwap LP tickets to get extra prize money. Another one is called KuSwap. It won’t be wrong to say that KuSwap is similar to Mojito Swap, but KuSwap offers more features to its users, such as an NFT mall, business struggle game, bingo, and basement structure. It also has IGO, IDO incubator, and launching pad. Another DApp is KillSwitch. With the aid of KillSwitch, customers promote the yields they get on their KCC Chain-based advantage. This is made through different kinds of tools. 

Along with the as mentioned above D Apps, KuCoin has also launched FreshCut, which aims at active content makers contributing to the company by earning FCD rewards. And content makers’ tasks include:

  • material for the video.
  • Encouraging viewers by sharing video content.
  •  Through FreshCut captivating followers and many more. 


Thus Kucoin exchange grew with time and was able to establish 23 communities. And with its dedication and the features they offer its users, it is correct that KuCoin has a bright future. 


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