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President Barack Obama’s decision to go on the offensive against ISIS has many people wondering if he’s not too politically correct to say the “F” word. Of course, there’s also the fact that the word “F” is an “F” sound and has been in the military for a long time.

Yes, President Obama is a bit of a wuss. He decided to go after an enemy that clearly did not exist yesterday, but he also decided to call an enemy that already has thousands of dead Americans “an enemy that we will defeat” as if he was going to stand by and watch them die.

That’s what he did. Obama is a pretty loose cannon when it comes to his own political beliefs, and his desire to see ISIS dead is no different. The media, however, was quick to jump on the “he’s too close to his base” narrative and claim he was being overly sensitive in his decision to go after ISIS. In reality, the media’s reaction and the president’s reaction are two sides of the same coin.

When Obama said that he was going to go after ISIS, it was a reaction to both of his political parties being far too close to the same extremist ideology. At the time, neither of those parties had any real chance of winning re-election in 2012. Obama’s reaction was a reaction to the media being far too close to his base and his “insight” being too far-gone.

Obama is a political opportunist. He didn’t do any real research on ISIS or any of the other extremist groups that he was about to attack, and now he’s going after ISIS (and he wasn’t even the leader of the group) out of a desire to show he’s not the kind of guy who just thinks about what’s best for the country.

As a result, Obama is a political opportunist in a sense. He didnt really try to understand what was going on, and so he didnt really have to react. He didnt have to deal with the fact that people like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Boehner, and others were all reacting to the media too quickly, and so were far too close to the base. He didn’t have a chance in hell of getting re-elected.

The same reason you can’t make anything seem so funny in the movies. We all know that it is funny when people are laughing at you. We all know that it is funny when you have a couple of jokes in your head that you want to share with your friends. But for me, what I love about the movie is when it comes to humor. I think it was funny when you had the movie in the theaters.

That’s why I love the movie. I love the movie because it is a movie that actually makes you laugh. Just like when the movie came out. Just like when that movie came out. If it had come out 10 years ago, I would have had a different opinion because I would have said it was a little too close to the base to be funny. But it came out in 2009 and it still made me laugh.

I think it’s just a matter of being able to come up with a good, quick, and funny joke. But I agree with you: The movie is funny. I saw it and I laughed. And that was really cool.

If you really want to laugh, you can always go back and watch the first and second half of the movie with the same people. If you want to see a different joke, you can watch it again with a different group of people.


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