7 tips for promoting your tech support services this New Year


As the new year rolls around, you’ll find that work is slow everywhere. With most people out on holidays, many softwares and tools are not given the tech support they need. Even if your team is on break, you can make good use of this opportunity. It is the perfect time to get your name out and establish yourself as the best provider of tech support services out there. 

However, you need to work hard on your marketing approach well beforehand for this to work. Here are a few ideas which will help you promote your services this new year.. 

Send out holiday emails

The first thing you should do is send out a series of holiday emails. In these, wish your audience happy holidays and let them know you’re thinking about them. Also make sure you let them know your services will be working through the holidays. Orient the messaging in a way that states you are there for your customers, even through the holidays. 

Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to create these emails, and track their performance. Then, see what works well for you and switch gear accordingly. 

Offer holiday deals

One of the best ways to promote your tech support services is to offer holiday deals. These deals will entice people to avail your services, and book them at a time where other services may not even be active. 

So, create a few holiday packages and discounts. Market these across your platforms, and then give customers a short time to avail them. This sense of urgency will result in more purchases, and will let you get set up for the coming year. 

Reach out to old customers

The holidays are the perfect time to get in touch with old customers. Let them know you’re thinking of them, and then ask them to come back to your tech support services. Sweeten the deal with some exclusive extra services or some sort of discount. 

The messaging around these emails and messages should be along the lines of you missing these customers and wanting to reconnect with them. Look through the inactive and old customer email lists on your records and see what work you did for them before. Personalize your messages accordingly, and then entice them to come back for more tech support services. 

Run a social media campaign

While it may be obvious, a social media campaign is one of the best ways to get the word across to a wide audience. You should cover all your bases, and update your information across all your social media platforms. Also set up a holiday campaign, with posts, videos, and polls on your social media pages.

Make sure you have a chatbot or representative active over the holidays for this purpose. Have them be responsive to questions, comments, and messages. Also redirect people from your social media pages to your website, so that they can go through and book the tech support packages they need. 

Offer holiday tech support

This will truly make you stand out. During the holidays, many tools glitch and have errors because tech support is not really active for them. Offer holiday tech support services to these companies, and let them know you will serve their customers well. 

You can offer these holiday services at various pricing tiers, depending on their breadth. For example, if you’ll just be fixing errors, then you’ll offer lower pricing. However, if you’ll be offering chats, fixes, and maintenance, then you’ll price your packages higher. 

Share customer testimonials

The new year is the right time to showcase work you’ve done in the past. Share a variety of customer testimonials on your marketing platforms, and highlight the work you did for your customers. This will show your audience that people are satisfied with your tech support services, and will make it more likely for them to book these services. 

Have old customers make short videos and share small quotes specifying what they liked about your tech support services. Then, post these on your platforms, and push them to your newer audiences. 

Optimize your website

As work might be slow over the past month or so, it is the perfect time to optimize your platforms and make any changes you need. See how your social media pages and website promote engagement and lead conversion. Identify obstacles in the process, and try your best to eliminate them. 

Also see if there are any SEO hurdles you need to overcome. Use the slow times to get the best out of your website and make it a stellar experience for your customers. 

In conclusion, you can really take your tech support services to the next level over the new year. All you have to do is be diligent and active at a time where other services may not be there.


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