5 Super-essential Tips to Maintain Van Tyres

Tyres 1623054197
Tyres 1623054197

Are you in the market to buy new van tyres? The global market for 2019 was estimated at AUD51.5 billion, according to Global News Wire. While there’s some overlap between sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans, many consumers still prefer vans whether they’re luxury, mini, or vintage. After you buy van tyres, it’s essential to maintain the van tyres properly to improve their performance and lifespan. 

Here are some critical steps to take:

Align Tyres

This step is vital to make sure you’re riding on balanced tyres. Aligning them helps to make sure the tyres wear out evenly. Meanwhile, if they’re unaligned, this means that some tyres will wear faster than others. This result ends up costing you more money for replacing tyres.

Thus, look for these signs of unaligned tyres:

  • Off-centre steering wheel
  • Van pulls to left or right
  • More vibration when driving on straight highways

If you observe these results, then it’s essential to have your tyres aligned. There’s a chance that other cause(s) could be causing the problems, but it’s better to get it checked out so you’ll know for sure.

Clean Tyres/Wheels

It’s crucial to maintain both to extend the lifespan of both. Clean tyres don’t just look better, but it can also improve the functionality and extend your wheels’/tyres’ lifespan. Many things can build up on the wheels. Those things include dirt, grime, and road salt. Over time these nasty substances can wear down your tyres and require you to replace them sooner rather than later.

Rotate the Tyres

This tyre maintenance tip is one you should follow for all vehicles, including vans. It’s important to rotate your van tyres about every 8000km. This process is critical to make sure the tread is distributed evenly across the four wheels.

Here’s the reason.  The front tyres of most trucks wear faster than the back ones. Therefore, if you want to evenly distribute your tyres’ wear, then this is a critical step. If a pair of tyres is newer than the other two, then place the better ones in the back.

A related issue is tyre experts often recommend that vehicle owners use tyres of the same manufacturer and model. This will help to make sure that some wheels don’t wear faster than others. 

Tyre Pressure

Make sure to maintain consistent tire pressure for your van tyres. In particular, it’s critical that the tyres aren’t under or over-inflated. Maintaining the proper air pressure will extend the tyres’ lifespan, which can save money in the long-term. This is important in reducing the overall costs of maintaining your van.

Another key benefit is you’ll get better fuel efficiency for long trips. On the other hand, if your tyres are improperly inflated, this could reduce the kilometres/hour you get. That, in turn, can cost your fuel costs to spike and especially during long road trips, for example.   

Pre-trip Inspections

It’s critical to check your tyres before any trips whether it’s a weekend getaway or summer vacation. This can help to ensure you have road-ready wheels. Make sure to check different issues like air pressure and tread wear. This will give you the chance to deal with any issues, and help to make your trips safer and better.

When you buy van tyres, it’s critical to consider the above-mentioned steps to maintain your new tyres effectively. Inflating, aligning, and rotating your tyres are all critical steps to take. In the end, you’ll have tyres that work better, last longer, and save money.


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