5 Mistakes with Designing Posters to Avoid for Your Business


Although there has been a big push towards digital marketing in the last few years, posters can still be important for a business. After all, people have to be on their devices to see digital marketing — posters can be seen anywhere!

However, if you’re going to use them, there are many mistakes with designing posters that people often make.

Make sure you avoid these. 

1. Making Font Mistakes

Many people use a lot of fonts when creating their poster design ideas, but the fewer fonts, the better. Ideally, there should be no more than two or three total.

It’s also important to pick large, legible fonts. While a font may look pretty if it’s not the most readable, time to scrap it.

Many people are passing by posters and don’t have time to stop and decipher the words. 

2. Failing to Proofread

Even if the message is quite simple, you should absolutely proofread the text on posters. Do it once, then again, and then have other people do it to make sure you aren’t skipping over something because you wrote it.

Typos can ruin the poster’s message and cause people not to say it as seriously. You may also give the impression that your organization is unprofessional and careless, and people may not want to engage with it!

3. Poor Contrast

To make a poster stand out from a distance and really pop, you should consider contrast along with poster colors and sizes.

Contrast is important, especially to ensure the image is distinct and the text is legible.

4. Wrong Format

Even if you anticipate that you’re creating digital posters, it’s good to make sure that the format you save your poster in is good for print too.

If you later decide to print your poster design, you may find that it comes out as very poor quality. This can be a detrimental error.

5. Irrelevant Images

Even if you think the image is aesthetically pleasing and sort of related to your business, don’t use images that aren’t completely and utterly relevant.

Before someone focuses on the text, they’ll see the image. If it isn’t something they’re interested in, they’ll then look away.

If it’s something they’re interested in but then they focus on the text and see it isn’t quite related, they may be disappointed and even irritated.

You should also make sure you’re allowed to use the image. You can’t take any old image from the internet and use it to advertise your business — it may be illegal.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Designing Posters

As long as you avoid these mistakes with designing posters, you should be able to create a great image that truly reflects your company and draws people in. Pick fonts and images carefully and make sure everything is legible and attractive to get the best marketing possible.

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