5 Lessons People In Addiction Recovery Can Teach You


Alcohol and drug addiction has left a nation in mourning! It’s quite saddening that so many folks in the United States are having a hard time with addiction. The Journal of Addiction Medicine tells about the prevalence of substance use and mental concerns among American attorneys.

  • Out of 12,825 employed attorneys who completed the survey, 20.6% were screened positive for alcohol-dependent drinking.
  • There were significant levels of stress, anxiety, and depression among them.
  • Men scored higher on the positive screens.
  • Respondents below 30 years of age were more likely to score higher than the elders.

Furthermore, the data by CDC puts light on the elevated adverse mental health conditions during the pandemic. Out of 5,470 Americans who completed the survey, 13% started using or increased the use of substances to cope with the stress. 

These figures are enough to scare the wits out of you! Luckily, there are professional alcohol rehab facilities, like the alcohol rehab center in Boston, that provide much-needed aid in recovery. The urge to get high can still be there even after the rehab, though. 

But does it mean that people struggling with addiction should be judged? We just look at the awful side of their struggle as it is portrayed to us. Perhaps, we could never understand the trauma, frustration, fear, or emotions they are dealing with. But there are many things your peer or loved one in recovery can teach you!

What Life Lessons People In Recovery Can Teach You?

The addiction recovery process in an inpatient rehab Boston can change their physical, mental, and emotional health. In addition to these changes, alcohol detox in Boston teaches them valuable life lessons that you may not know-

Helping Others Transforms Pain

Serving others plays a pivotal role in addiction recovery. This is why drug rehab near me Boston encourages in recovery to indulge in volunteering activities. All the members in group therapy are motivated to put their energy back into helping the community. 

When you reach out to help others, you get to know about their challenges you have been lucky to avoid. Thus, it reduces pain and deepens empathy.

Life Is About ‘Thriving’ and not Just ‘Surviving’

It’s true that in the current pandemic times, everyone is just thinking about survival. There are restrictions on going out, spending time with friends, etc. Still, you have plenty of time to replenish your soul with yoga and meditation practices. You have enough time to do all the small and big things that interest you and make you happy.

You Always Have Ways In Which You Are Fortunate

During the initial stage of the recovery, it is natural to feel that everything is bad. It becomes a challenge to list things to be grateful for. Therefore, in medical detox facilities, people in recovery are asked to write a letter to someone they appreciate. 

With this regular practice, these small appreciations and things accumulate to become a big thing to be thankful for. It teaches you to look for all the small and big things you appreciate in your life.

You Are Capable Of What You Set Your Mind To

Relapse rates from addiction are quite high, even after completing the treatment. The ability to recover from this stage of addiction fulfills the criteria of resilience. Whenever obstacles arise, you are capable of being resilient in many ways. 

Progress Over Perfection

Everyone has a different story with addiction. Some people relapse, while others don’t. But everyone feels overwhelmed. Those who complete the rehab successfully keep trying anyway. If you are trying to cope with the ‘new normal,’ pull your socks and do anything that will improve your well-being. You will likely stumble, but keep trying!


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