कौन सा है


I like to get my thoughts in order and plan the day before, so I can come up with the best recipes and meals for the day.

There isn’t a single recipe you can’t do without. And if you are one of those people who cannot cook, you will probably enjoy a good meal while listening to the soundtrack to this video.

It does sound as though we are stuck in a time loop and in a new adventure, so let’s have a good meal and a great soundtrack. Thanks for watching, you are in for a treat.

Enjoy the time loop.

I was the last person on earth to see that video, but I was on vacation for ten days and it was a great vacation. So I can’t really complain that we are stuck in a time loop, it must be the most fun video I have ever seen.

You can definitely get a good laugh when you watch this video, too, but it’s not worth it. We’re stuck in a time loop and in a new adventure.

So you can either laugh, or cry, which would you rather.

I can’t really play the old movie, but you can just watch it on your computer. Its so great.

I thought that you were on the other end of the line of the video, but you’re right.

Deathloop will indeed be a new adventure for you, and in the trailer we see that you can’t just go back to your old life. You will be coming with us to a new island, the new Deathloop, so you really need to plan ahead. It was not a joke, we have the original movie, and the one on your computer.


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