when is national crush day 2016


I know, I know. I can’t believe the time has come when The National Crush Day is right around the corner. I’m excited to celebrate all things romantic with my girlfriends and I’m glad this holiday comes in the month of June.

National Crush Day, in its most typical form, is for people who are friends with someone else but who are not in a committed relationship. The goal? Get a crush on someone you’ve never met before. This is a way to show your crush that you appreciate his or her efforts in being friends but that you’re not interested in being intimate with them.

National Crush Day usually happens in the summer when most people are on the hunt for someone to love, whether that someone is a celebrity, a politician, or an athlete. National Crush Day is a good time to make the case that you are the person you want to be with. It’s a way to show that you appreciate the hard work that everyone is putting in to being friends with someone you care about.

This was a really cool example of how to avoid being put on a pedestal when you can just be friends alone, and I think that was a great point.

I’m going to say that National Crush Day is 2016, because it was the first day of summer. We have no clue what the summer will bring, so I’d just assume people are not as excited about spending time with their friends as they used to be.

The thing about National Crush Day though is that it’s a whole new concept. There was a time when it didn’t even exist. It was created as a way for everyone to make a statement about the fact that they were at the bottom of the barrel. Now however, it’s meant to be a way to show your appreciation for all the hard work that everyone is putting into being friends with someone you care about.

National Crush Day is now. The idea came about because the Facebook group “Friends of New Heroes” was getting too many messages from people who were getting crushed on facebook because they did not see their friends post on their wall about how awesome they were. The groups idea was to create a group by which anyone could post about how awesome they were and make a statement about how they were being crushed. The group was named “Facebook Crush,” and it started to get around 500 members.

On February 15th, the Facebook Crush group will be celebrating National Crush Day by posting about how awesome they are. One of the reasons the group decided to celebrate this day is because it is the first day of the month. That’s because there’s a lot of pressure to post about how great we are this month.

National Crush Day is a day to celebrate the fact that everyone is crushed. The people who post on Facebook about how awesome they are are also the people who feel crushed. In other words, people are crushed for no reason. Why are we so hard on Facebook? Because they are. We are crushing our friends and their friends and we are crushing ourselves to the point where we forget how awesome we are.

National Crush Day is one of those days to set ourselves up for failure. We’ve got the word “crush”, but we also got the word “fail”. “crush” is also a very strong word, and we’ve used it so often in our marketing and our press releases that it’s become a bit of a cliche. But it’s true, and it’s actually a good thing. So let’s use it here.


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